Mum of 3 Kristina is feeling fabulous after losing almost 15 kilos and is LOVING her new lifestyle!

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Before even falling pregnant with her third baby, Mum Kristina was determined to start a health journey so she could feel good about herself again.

Now just 5 months after her baby was born, Kirstina has lost almost 15 kilos with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and is quite rightly feeling really proud of herself. 

“Wow! This is everything! 3 kids later and feeling better than I have in years! The photo on the left is from almost 18 months ago and the right last Saturday (5 months Postpartum) I can’t wait to compare again once I reach my goal! So proud of this lifestyle change!” 

Kristina is 32 from Queensland with three children, aged 10, 4 and a 5 month old baby.

Three months before Kristina fell pregnant with her third baby she began a health journey determined to have a healthy pregnancy and eat well, so that once the baby arrived, she could get on track with her health goals.

Kristina shares,  “I’d seen a photo at my daughters 10th birthday and I hated what I saw, that made me kick start my journey.”

Weight Loss Results

Kristina has lost 14.4kgs  and is loving her new look, and her new lifestyle.

“I’m feeling fantastic, my hard work really is paying off, I think when you feel good it really helps your mental state!”

And who wouldn’t feel great to be back in your favourite pair of jeans!

Kristina’s Day on a Plate

Some of Kristina’s favourite meals from the Healthy Mummy App include:

“For breakfast, it’s avocado and tomato on toast with an egg. Snacks are usually yoghurt with granola and fresh strawberries or the Hidden Veggie Sausage Rolls, for lunch the chicken lettuce cups and my favourite dinner is the Chicken and Chorizo Pasta.  Plus the Choc Chip Banana Bread.

Kristina’s three tips for success

  • Track your calories – it’s magic it works 
  • If you have a bad day, just try again tomorrow
  • Make small changes they really help

“My biggest advice is to be prepared and know what you’re eating so you’re not tempted to make those bad choices.” 

Congratulations Kristina on your great results!

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