This amazing mum has lost 13kg and 32cm in just 12 weeks!

Christine Hamann only pledged to lose 5 kgs but has lost 13kg and 32cm on the 12 Week Challenge and is feeling amazing!
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Christine Hamann has lost 13kg and 32cm in just 12 weeks on the 12 Week Challenge!

The South Australian-based mum-of-three decided to sign up to the Challenge because she needed to give herself a kick start.

“I had become complacent on my health journey and the scales were slowly starting to rise again,” she admits.

“My pledge was to lose 5kgs and to stay consistent the whole way through and I surpassed my pledge and lost 13kg and 32cm.”

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How this mum lost 13kg in 12 weeks!

Amazingly, Christine has seen many health benefits after losing the weight.

“I started sleeping better. I wasn’t waking up in the middle of the night, I was getting 9 hours sleep,” she says.

“I was waking up with so much energy and ready to start the day. My skin started clearing up as well because I was making sure I was drinking between 3-4L of water every day.”

What a typical day looks like for Christine

Breakfast: Poached eggs on English muffins with avocado spread

Morning tea: Healthy Mummy Espresso Smoothie with rice cakes with avocado, turkey and cheese

Lunch: Healthy Mummy Smoothie, generally a Tummy Smoothie with oats, pear, spinach added using 150ml cold water 400ml full cream milk and lots of ice

Arvo tea: Handful of almonds, pretzels and a piece of fruit

Dinner: A Healthy Mummy Challenge app meal, such as any of the burgers, pizza, Mexican lasagne (pictured) with a side salad

Dessert: Popcorn and a hot chocolate

“I have absolutely loved the 12 week challenge and would love to participate in one again if/when there was one,” says Christine.

“My main tip is to not be so hard on yourself. Remember that one bad meal is not going to ruin all your hard work. You need to try and get a good balance between your weight loss journey and your everyday life.”

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