This mum lost 15.8kg and her IBS is slowly clearing up through healthy food

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Sarah Mills James has lost 15.8kg since January this year!

Losing 5kg in the first month on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge taught Sarah a lot about portion control and what foods are a trigger for her IBS.

Read her inspiring transformation story below.


Sarah’s transformation story

“Some of the things I have learnt through my weight loss journey so far this year… and I feel like I’ve only just begun!

I won a free trial in January so I hooked in, I remember it was a ‘cleanse’ challenge so it was full of highly nutritional food, no added sugar, and whole foods.

At the time I didn’t fully understand what it all meant but I was so inspired by all the success stories that I read that I didn’t really think twice.

I knew the way I was eating wasn’t good so I followed the meal plan 100% for a whole month and lost 5kg. This taught me A LOT about portion sizes and man was I shocked at how much I was eating.

I was eating nearly three, sometimes four times more than I was supposed to be eating, so no wonder I had been putting on so much weight for so long. Clearly, I had been in denial for years and I ‘thought’ I was being healthy but really I wasn’t.

I am only 163cm tall and my start weight was 99.8 kg, and I got so angry at myself that I refused to see triple digits, especially knowing of certain health issues in my family, some brought on by added weight. I have been bouncing between 84-86 kg for about three months now.

I have been learning about self-love and what is good and bad for my body. I knew that the girls in magazines and on TV we’re all airbrushed and photoshopped but I still didn’t give myself a realistic version of myself in a healthier fitter vision.

Through watching others following the challenges (and not) with whatever they were doing to better themselves [I worked out] what may or may not work for me.

I try new exercises every week to find something that I love and my body reacts to it well. I have never liked exercise so this has been one of the harder things for me. I really don’t enjoy cardio but I love walking and jogging!! I’m also not a fan of at home workouts but after following this month 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge 100% so far I have been seeing results!”


“I haven’t been consistent on taking measurements or progress photos so everything is all over the place but when I look back trying to do new progress shots for Transformation Tuesday or Flashback Friday it’s a constant battle to find new pics and the best ones to show my true results.

I have been told not to focus purely on my figure and what should be changing in the mirror so I say ‘yeah ok’ and continue to obsess over my insecurities and what I don’t like about my body and what I want to change. But I am still learning and will continue to teach myself to love myself for who I am and how my body changes as I continue my journey to a better me.

My shape may not become ‘skinny’ but I can be slimmer. My butt and my legs may always be larger but I can sculpt and tone down and learn to convert all that fat into muscle. I have a vision now to be a fitter and healthier version of myself and that may or may not come with a total 30kg loss but it might and that’s ok.

Losing weight is such a massive mental battle with myself that I need to be ok in my head so I can plan and see things clearer.

My IBS is slowly clearing up through eating the right foods and finding my trigger foods. Bread and apples who knew?

So I swapped bread for sourdough after doing some research and thumbs up there. I’ve also been finding both sugars, natural and added make me bloat and this has also been a hard one as it includes fruit. I was so sore the other day after eating strawberries so it’s definitely related and I just need to be careful.

I have goals, some are short-term, some are long term but I’m getting there every day. Each day I take small steps that lead me towards my bigger goals and in time, with determination and consistency, I will get there.

Losing weight is hard, self love is hard, saying no to some of your favourite foods is hard (everything in moderation I still eat chocolate ) and mental health is hard. BUT I do believe that it is The Healthy Mummy that has pulled me through having PND amongst other things and to that I say.

Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has inspired me so far and helped me.”

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