Mum who lost 19kg gives her top tips for staying on track

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We all have bad days and years, but it’s what we do in the future that makes the changes. This mum says she had a not-so-great 2017 and is looking at 2018 with fresh eyes!

In 2015, Megan lost 19kg with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and drank one to two Healthy Mummy smoothies each day. She would exercise using the post pregnancy exercises on the app daily, plus walking and running.

But in 2017 and Megan says she started to let herself get comfortable and gained some of the weight back.

Megan Vanderwaal

New year, new you

Megan’s New Years resolution is to run in public in a crop top.

“It may be nothing to others but after three kids and a massive ab separation, that’s my goal and I have 12 months to achieve it,” she says.

Have you experience muscle separation post pregnancy? Discover everything you need to know about it here.

Megan continues to say, “All of the excuses I had in 2017 are gone and 2018 only holds positivity and endless possibilities for my health and fitness.”

There are 3 things Megan will be doing differently in 2018:

1. Stop the excuses

“Get rid of my excuses that do nothing but hold me back.”

2. Focus on toning

“Focus on tone rather than weight loss. I want to be strong not skinny.”

3. Incorporate exercise with playtime

“My kids will only be little for so long, so I want to exercise and enjoy time with my kids at the same time.”

Megan and kids

Megan’s five top tips for staying on track

1. Water water water!

“Stay hydrated during the warm months as it really does help with weight loss and also with driving off hunger.”

2. Stay focused and enjoy it

“If it’s not fun you won’t want to do it and eventually you’ll stop doing it.”

3. Check the BMR calculator and follow your calories

“This always works for me. If you’re eating the right calorie intake the weight definitely shifts.”

Calculate your BMR.

4. Include the kids

“Don’t work around them with food and exercise, include them. Enjoy their time and teach them good habits.”

5. Post your progress

“Posting to the support group helps to keep you accountable and to motivate and inspire you.”

Great tips, Megan! You’re going to smash 2018, we have no doubt.

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