How this mum sets herself small achievable goals each month

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Madeline Gilbert set herself the task of accomplishing a different goal each month at the beginning of the year.

The stay-at-mum, who follows the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, wanted to find new ways to challenge herself and also keep her on track.

This mum sets herself a goal each month

Amazingly, Madeline loves giving herself tasks at the start of each year. One year she promised to say yes to everything and another year she challenged herself to compliment someone every single day of the year.

So for this year, she has decided to set small goals.

“In January, my challenge was to stay off social media for the whole month, sounds easy but for a stay at home mum who wasn’t getting out much at the time, social media was my world, all I can say is… TICK,” she says.

“February was finish a painting project I had started during the first lockdown, this one took time out of my day and some days I didn’t think I could achieve it, but… TICK!

“March, now this one will sound silly to some people, but I am the generation of technology, this is no excuse just reality, I am lazy and I only remember my phone number and my mums phone number, so my challenge was to learn my partners phone number. I have a rubbish memory so this was a good challenging one for me but I’m happy to say… TICK!”

How this mum sets herself small achievable goals each month

Madeline did an exercise from the Healthy Mummy app every day in April

When it came to April, Madeline was determined to do an exercise every day from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“April, I had to exercise every single day. Thank goodness for The Healthy Mummy app this one was a little bit easier to do as I didn’t set a time frame so a workout could be 10 minutes or it could be 40, so I had all these options available to me on the app,” she says.

“Some days were harder than others especially days when I wasn’t home, so I had to make up little things like 10 squats before I sat on the toilet. I may not of been fully committed to this but I can still give it the big old TICK!”

How this mum sets herself small achievable goals each month

In May, Madeline will give up chocolate

As a self-confessed chocoholic, Madeline is determined to not have chocolate for the whole month.

“On day one I had a one year olds birthday party, and the minute I saw that the birthday was chocolate my heart broke, to say I was devastated is an understatement,” she says.

“I realised right then and there just how hard this one will be, I had no idea how much I rely on chocolate but at the same time my excitement spiked, this is going to be the best challenge yet and I’m so keen to smash it out of the park. I really hope that at the end of the month I can give myself a TICK!”

The willpower Madeline is achieving by these monthly challenges is staggering!

“I’m excited to see what else I can push myself to do over the next 7 months,” she says. “This year may have some challenges within itself but I can’t wait to say to myself in January 2022 I DID IT!

“I don’t need something realistic to reward myself with or have visible results, it’s the fact that I can reassure myself that when I put my mind to it, I can do it and that’s all I need… and maybe a little bit of chocolate.”


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