Feeling fabulous! Cassie shares her OUTSTANDING 7 Day Cleanse results

Mum Cassie shows her outstanding 2.3kg weight loss and 4cm lost from her body following the Healthy Mummy 7 Day Cleanse meal plan.
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Healthy mummy and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Cassie has just completed our 7 Day Cleanse meal plan with OUTSTANDING results.

Her results are so good, you will want to try it for yourself!

Read her story below…


Healthy Mummy 7 Day Cleanse Meal Plan

Cassie McKay recently completed the 7 Day Cleanse meal plan and has had OUTSTANDING results.

Not only does she feel fantastic, she has lost 2.3kgs and 4cm off her body!

The 7 day cleanse is available to all members of the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and is a great way to reset your body between Challenges and kick-start your weight loss, if you weight has been plateauing.

Plus, the recipes are quick and easy to prepare and packed with nutrients.


Adjusting the cleanse to work for you

Cassie decided to make some adjustments. She said, “The weather wasn’t great here so I had to swap some things around as I didn’t always feel like salad.”

“I took meals and snacks from previous Healthy Mummy cleanses and used them instead.”

In addition, she started each day with a warm lemon water and drank the Healthy Mummy Super Greens daily throughout the cleanse.

The Healthy Mummy Super Greens are the perfect supplement for helping to boost your energy and support your immune system.


Knowing the importance of water when trying to lose weight, Cassie made sure she kept her body hydrated, drinking two litres of water each day.

Read up on why lemon water can help with weight loss

Sticking to the plan the best you can

As mums, we know that life isn’t always perfect and sticking to a 7 Day Cleanse perfectly isn’t always possible either. And Cassie is no different.

She says “I usually lose track after 3 days of a cleanse but was really proud to have 5 GREAT days and 2 alright days.” 

Although she found the weekend really difficult she said “I gave it a really good go.

I tracked my meals and calories through the 28 Weight Loss Challenge App to help keep myself accountable and stick to my BMR“.

Cassie’s 7 Day Cleanse Results

  • 2.3kg lost overall
  • 1cm from her bust
  • 1cm from her waist
  • 1.5cm from her hips
  • 0.5cm from her thighs

That’s a total loss of 4cm from her body! And doesn’t she look fabulous?

The Healthy Mummy team would like to thank Cassie for sharing her OUTSTANDING 7 day cleanse results with us.


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