Mum shares incredible 25 kilos weight loss in just 6 Months!

Fed up with the constant tiredness, Mum Abbey embarked on a weight loss journey and with small but consistent changes she is now reaping the rewards.
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Fed up with the constant tiredness and feeling bad about herself, Mum Abby embarked on a weight loss journey with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and with small but consistent changes she is now reaping the rewards.

Six months on, not only has she lost 25 kilos, she’s gone from being totally unfit to running every day!

Abby’s Weight Loss Story

Abby is Mum to four children, twin boys aged 12, a daughter 11 and her youngest son who is 7.

Six months ago, she admits to being extremely unfit, unhappy with herself and fed up with her lack of energy.

After seeing the Healthy Mummy website pop up on social media she took the decision to bite the bullet and join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. She eased into her new regime with small changes at first.

She says, “I started out by choosing meals my family like and then looking up the Healthy Mummy versions from the app recipes.”

I started meal prepping that week and every Monday since I have made that my meal prep day leaving me more time to fit in some exercise after work.

Abby also included the Healthy Mummy Smoothies into her weight loss journey by having one every day for breakfast or lunch.

My favourites are the Caramel and Honeycomb!Caramel-Latte-cheesecake-smoothie-Clare-Poole-2Honeycomb-Weight-Loss-Smoothie-Dani-Stormont-2

Wanting to up her exercise, Abby started to use the Fit Beginner Workouts in The Healthy Mummy app as well as walking her dog every day.

Weight Loss Results – 25 KGS in 6 months

Abby shares, “My weight loss started off slow but after being consistent for a few weeks the scales started to move. Fast forward to now, I have lost 25 kilos and I have continued using the Healthy Mummy recipes, Smoothies and exercises.

I have become fitter! I now enjoy the advanced workouts and have just started the Full Body Weights Workouts with Wendy to help with toning and strength.”

Now me and my dog go for a jog every day.”

Abby has some really good and helpful advice to other mums starting out on a weight loss journey.


“Keep consistent and the results will come. When you are feeling unmotivated go onto the Healthy Mummy Private Support Group and read through other people’s stories it has really helped me trust that the process will work with consistency.”

Abby’s practical tip

“I have found making a batch of soup for myself for the week has stopped me from thinking about choosing another not so healthy option when I’m tired or hungry or in a rush for work!”

Congratulations Abby! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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