Mum who shed 22kg reveals how she lost the last 5kg!

Healthy Mummy, Zoe shed 22kg on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge! She reveals how she lost the last 5kg when she was plateauing.
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After having a child this Healthy Mummy realised how unhealthy she really was.

In under a year on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Zoe lost 22kg!

Here she shares how she regained her self-confidence and how she worked through her weight loss plateau!

Zoe Weir

Zoe’s reveals how she lost last the 5kg!

“In 2015 my daughter was 1.5 years and I was so unhealthy, I couldn’t run 10 metres, I had no confidence and hated how I looked! I searched ‘lose baby weight’.

Thanks into the Facebook search bar and found The Healthy Mummy Facebook page. That night I read story after story of how much success other mums were having on the program.

I knew The Healthy Mummy was different, I could just feel it, so I signed up to The 28 Day Challenge that night!

Once I read it was 80% food and only 20% exercise, I knew I had to focus on my diet first.

In 4 weeks I had a holiday booked to Hawaii with my Mother and daughter, I wanted to hit some goals and I did! I’d lost over 20cm from my body and 1.8kg. I felt I could achieve anything and I did, I set goals for myself each week, and kept on achieving them!

In under a year I’d lost 22kg, I’d regained my self confidence, I actually went swimming instead of watching everyone else, I was a size 10, I could walk into a store and buy anything I wanted, I had energy to run around with my daughter, I loved myself again and turned into the best mother and wife I could be and I had found a love for running!

When it came down to the last 5kg I needed something else, my body was plateauing and I needed to change things up a little.
So I tried The Healthy Mummy smoothies and started to run. Those last kg’s were soon one and my mindset and fitness were the best they had ever been in my adult years.

I maintained the weight, had a healthy pregnancy, lost the baby weight and now I’m maintaining again all whilst still on the 28 Day Challenge, the Healthy Mummy smoothies and running the whole time.

It’s my way of life and I LOVE it!!!”

See here the 20 ways Zoe’s new lifestyle has improved her life.

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