This mum is teaching her daughter to love her body

Mum-of-three Lauren Bird, who is a member of The Healthy Mummy community is teaching her daughter to be body confident as much as she can.
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It’s important we teach our children about having a body positivity attitude, especially our daughters.

There’s a lot of pressure on females to look a certain way so it’s imperative we teach our girls how to love the skin their in and most importantly look after their bodies.

Mum-of-three Lauren Bird, who is a member of The Healthy Mummy community and also follows the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, is all for it and wants her sons and daughter to have a healthier view of their body.

Lauren wants to promote a positive body image to her daughter

This gorgeous mum says when she started thinking about focusing on her postpartum health again, she knew where to look, as she had followed the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge after her second son was born back in 2016.

“I’ve battled weight since I was in primary school. It’s always been something that has held me back from reaching goals, kept me standing on the sidelines and has caused me to feel (totally unnecessary) shame about who I am, both physically and mentally,” she says.

“I’m so determined not to let that cycle continue with my children. I have done a lot of work and made some good progress, and now it’s time to keep moving forward and reach some more goals!

“All while my precious kids watch on, learning how to love their bodies, fuelling them with great healthy food and moving them for fun and health, never punishment! What more motivation could I need?! I love showing them that moving your body is something to do because you love your body, never to punish it!”

This mum is teaching her daughter to love her body

Lauren want to be a good role model to her sons and also her daughter

Lauren admits she was nervous when she found out she was having a girl.

“My daughter is three months old now but I  felt quite apprehensive about raising a daughter,” she says.

“While I most definitely know body issues are certainly not limited to being female, they are the ones I can relate to most and they are the ones that scare me, for her… I’m 34 and still battling demons that started when I was younger than 10.”

In an open letter posted to The Healthy Mummy’s Private Support Group on Facebook, Lauren pondered, “How do I teach her that her body is amazing and strong and will allow her to do wonderful things in life – without making it a focus that becomes toxic?

“How do I protect her from all the advertising and pressure and expectations thrown at females? How do I protect her from school yard bullying?”

Lauren wants to be a good role model to her daughter

The answer, Lauren says is to show her by being a good role model.

“I show her. I do it myself. I eat well, I fuel my body, I speak respectfully about my body. I move my body because I love it not to punish it,” she says.

“I allow myself to enjoy food without guilt but with education and understanding of what I’m putting into my body.”

That’s why she signed up to the 12 Week Challenge.

“These next 12 weeks are driven first by my strong need to be a healthy MUM,” she says.

“To be someone who can teach this precious little girl how to love her body as she grows for all the amazing things it can do and be.”

This mum is teaching her daughter to love her body

‘I want to look at my body with compassion’

What’s more, Lauren says she’s also doing this for herself as well as her kids.

“I want to lose weight and move more to be my healthiest self, but just as much, maybe even more – I want to learn to love my body,” she says.
“Now, tomorrow, THIS week – not just when I reach my goals, because hey, that could be months or years away and I don’t have that kinda time.”
“I want to look at my body with compassion, not just pulling it apart for all its ‘horrendous flaws’ … and respect, for all the amazing things it’s done for me, not least my three beautiful children.”

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