Mum totally transforms her body and health…and convinces her boyfriend to do the same!

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Wowsers Brigitte, you look amazing! But this mama and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member has not only transformed her life, but her boyfriend is eating well and exercising too!

Brigitte Walshaw 22:9

Amazing results!

Even if you fall off the weight loss wagon, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Just ask Brigitte!

“When you commit to this programme you will get results! Even if you’re like me and go rogue for a couple of weeks here and there – you can always try again!”

“I’m super proud of myself this week. My boyfriend is on his RNR and I usually use that as my “get out of being healthy” card but not this week. He’s been eating the Healthy Mummy food and coming with me when I exercise which has been great.”

Even when Brigitte made our delicious Weetbix Balls, her boyfriend asked what witchcraft she was using because he refused to believe that they’re healthy!

We love this, keep up the great work Brigitte! And sounds like your boyfriend is a Healthy Mummy too!

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