These amazing mums have lost over 126kg between them and are the happiest they have been!

We love to celebrate the wonderful achievements of our mums and today is no different. These mums have smashed their weight loss goals.
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These Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge mums have not only lost weight, but they are also happier and healthier versions of themselves and are following a lifestyle that is a completer better way of living!

Well done, mums on your fantastic achievements!

Mums amazing transformations are an inspiration for all

Brooke Deering says The Healthy Mummy lifestyle is the better way of living

brooke deering

Brooke says, “Wow, one year difference between photos. The top images are hard for me to look at, to think I was that big! I’m feeling great in my skin now.”

“I know I’ve said it 100 times but thank you The Healthy Mummy – your way is our way of living now, it’s an easier and better way.”

Amy Thomson has lost 24.9 kgs

amy thomson
Amy says, “Same shirt – one year apart – 24.9kgs lighter!”

“In 2017 I was just about to jump on a stage in front of my whole town and perform with preschoolers, I was nervous, self-conscious and hated my Christmas shirt but it was the only one that fit.” 

“In 2018 Christmas party, I didn’t think I had to buy a new shirt because I thought I would feel better in this one now. But wow! It was so loose! I felt so much more confident and wasn’t nervous at all!”

“Now it’s time to buy a new shirt I think!” 

Courtney Thursfield has lost 23.5 kg
courtney thursfield

Courtney says, “There are almost six months to the day in these photos. This was the start of winter to the start of summer.”

“With The Healthy Mummy I have been able to change our whole lifestyle. I have had success with this by following the meal plans, meal prepping, smoothies and snack bars. I walk a lot more and aim to get as many Healthy Mummy exercise videos in as I can.”

“Since I started the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges in February I have:

lost 23.5kg
size 16/18 to size 10
happier, healthier, fitter”

Beth Azzopardi has lost 23 kgs

beth azzopardi 4_12_18Beth says, “5 years, 2 kids and 23kg between these photos!”

“I can’t believe I’m lighter and fitter after having two babies!” 

“I couldn’t have done it without The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges!” 

Megan Jane has lost 11 kgs

megan jane

Megan says, “After having Bub number four in my very late 30’s and gaining 25kgs, I knew it was time to jump back into The Healthy Mummy to get my happy, healthiest self back and live my best life for myself and my family.”
“At 10 weeks postpartum I weighed 84kgs and over the next three months, following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for my BMR and light exercise combined with the support from all the wonderful women in The Healthy Mummy family, I’ve been able to see a decrease of 11kgs but more importantly I’m managing my pp depression, am stronger, happier, more confident and healthier and loving life.”
“Looking forward to turning 40 next year and seeing where all my determination and hard work will take me.”
“Thank you Health Mummy for making this healthy lifestyle possible.”

Josie Boon is so much happier and healthier

josie boon
Josie says, “Photo on the left taken in January this year, not pregnant, just bloated from eating and drinking junk constantly. The photo on the right taken yesterday, so much healthier and happier.” 

Cassie McKay has lost 10kgs with The Healthy Mummy and 13kg on her own

cassie mckay 4_12_18

Cassie says, From squeezing myself into two pairs of control underwear to feeling absolutely incredible!”

“80+kg to 57kg”

“It didn’t happen overnight. There are just over three years between these photos.”

“How did I get here? I set goals. I smash them. And repeat.”

“If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.”

Bec Camm has lost 9.9 kg

bec camm 4_12_18

Bec says, “100 days and 9.9kg difference.”

Nikki Myles has lost 29 kgs

nikki myles 4_12_18-22

Nikki says, “I have not worn shorts since I can remember. The picture on the left is the start of the 100 days to summer countdown. The one on the right is 88 days into the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. I am 2 kg heavier according to my scales on the right!”

“One of my goals this year has been to wear shorts and guess what? I did it!”

“They are a size 6 shorts!”
“Never give up ladies little by little we will get there!”
“Another goal achieved this year.”
“Look out 2019 I am coming to get you next”

“Thank you The Healthy Mummy you have done it again.”

Stacey Webb has lost 7 kgs

Stacey Webb nov18
Stacey says, “I took part in The Healthy Mummy’s 100 days to Summer. To say I am so happy with the results is an understatement. I am just over the moon, BEAMING with so much HAPPINESS and LOVE with the results. “

“down 7 kilos gone 
down 47cm loss
86kg to 79kg”

“When I started the 100 days to summer challenge I was four weeks pp after having twins (babies 3&4). My goals were to

Increase my fitness
Increase my strength
Not wear maternity clothes anymore
Fit comfortably into my size 14 clothes”

“I ACHIEVED those GOALS with the help of The Healthy Mummy.”

“Thank you The Healthy Mummy. I can’t wait to see what I can do over the next 100 days.”

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