These mums have bettered their health for themselves and for their families

These mums' weight loss journeys have made them realise their strength, how strong they are as mothers and how far they have come.
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Every now and then, we come across mums whose weight loss journey has made them realise their strength, how strong they are as mothers and how far they have come.

These mums say that embarking on The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, was one of the best decision they had ever made. tammy nettles

Tammy’s health and motivational journey

Tammy Nettle says that she has been diagnosed with P.T.S.D. since childhood. “It has not been an easy road to travel so every day is a challenge from me mentally and physically.”

Tammy says she was told by the doctor last year that she was on the borderline for being at risk of high cholesterol and diabetes. “Just hearing that scared me because I lost my family members to diabetes.”

Finding The Healthy Mummy and making changes

Tammy says she signed up to The Healthy Mummy and to the gym. She was told by someone that she couldn’t do it. This made her even more inspired and determined to lose weight and after a while started feeling confident with her new self just by looking at the above photo.

“I’m going to knock one goal at a time,” she says.“My biggest motivation are my children.”

Being told good news

The doctor told Tammy that she was 3kgs lighter than she was three weeks ago.  “That’s 6.9 kgs lost in 4 months,” she says. “I actually started my weight loss journey last year just over a year ago for health reasons and someone told me that I couldn’t do it, just hearing those words made me more determined to prove that person wrong.”

In total, Tammy has lost 17.2 kgs and “I got 26.2 kgs to go until I’m at my goal weight. Thank you to The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, I wouldn’t have gotten this far without their support and motivation.” 

Well done on achieving your goals and being so determined, Tammy.

Kelly loves being in better shape now

kelly coombs

Today Kelly Coombs entered into her 30’s in better shape than before and during having kids. She says, “Little did I know at the time that it was going to be the best decision I’ve made, not only for myself but for my whole family.”

The turning point

Kelly says the turning point for her was following the birth of her second daughter. Her baby had just turned six months old and they were on a family trip to Bali.  She says it was whey she was in her swimmers and at the pool that she started to feel self-conscious.

“I now love my body, and I feel so much happier in my own skin,” she says.

Well done, Kelly and thank you for taking The Healthy Mummy journey!

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