Mothers Day Special: New Mum embarks on Healthy Mummy journey for a second time!

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Healthy Mummy Elle has more than one reason to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. 

With her new baby just 11 weeks old, Elle shares her experiences of being a new mum for a second time, how she plans to lose 15 kilos and her tips for new mums.

Having previously lost 25 kilos after her first child was born, Elle is using all the knowledge she learned from her first Healthy Mummy journey. 

Mothers Day Special: New Mum embarks on Healthy Mummy journey for a second time!

Elle Temple from Perth is no stranger to The Healthy Mummy, having been a 28 Day Challenge member for six years.

Following the birth of her first baby Louie in 2014, Elle went on to lose a whopping 25 kilo’s.

With her gorgeous new baby girl Bonnie just 11 weeks old, Elle is at the start of her second weight loss journey with The Healthy Mummy.

Elle says, “Since about week 6 postpartum I’ve really started to look at what I’m eating and making sure it’s super nutritious and not overly calorie dense- that’s where the Healthy Mummy knowledge and recipes come in!

“Breastfeeding hunger and cravings made it hard to not reach for junk and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t eating poor food when I was trying to feed a newborn.”

Elle is determined to lose the weight gradually and to support her milk supply. Along with with using Healthy Mummy Smoothies twice a day, she is back following Challenge meals plans and recipes.

“My favourite meal is Mexican Lasagne and favourite snack is Peanut Bubble Crunch”

Elle’s Motivation

Elle had gained extra weight when she was pregnant and was motivated to start The Healthy Mummy seriously again when her weight started to go back up, after the initial postpartum weight loss.

Elle says, “I’m doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to get myself back to the physical shape and fitness that I was prior to baby number 2 and be super healthy and productive.”

My goal is to lose 15kg and be able to compete in the under 67kg weight category in a powerlifting competition next year!”

Life as a New Mum Again

Elle shares, “Being a mum for the second time around has been great, I’ve really enjoyed having a newborn and having a lot more confidence and more of an idea than I did the first time around.

I feel more educated and experienced which definitely helps, however it comes with the challenge of having an older child to look after and keep up with too- school lunches, entertainment and no day time naps!”

Which has also meant that I haven’t had as much time to focus on myself, I am slowly easing into a more structured routine of eating and exercising.

Since starting the following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge again, I definitely have improved my mood and self-confidence plus my energy has skyrocketed which is great looking after two kids!”

Elle’s Tips for New Mums

  • Ease into healthy habits before starting reducing your diet. it’s important to make sure you are eating enough especially when breastfeeding and recovering from birth.
  • Once you feel ready you can start to track portions or calories and adjust your intake as you need to.
  • One thing is to not dwell on where you start, negative emotions can lead to binge or comfort eating so it’s important to try not overthink it and just get on with what you can do to change it and become a healthier mum.
  • Always remind yourself of where you would like to get to on your journey and remember it takes time, consistency and perseverance will get you there.

Congratulations Elle on your beautiful baby girl! All of us here at The Healthy Mummy hope your Mother’s Day this year is twice as good!

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