Outrage over proposed new law to fine parents for disciplining their kids

Parents could soon be fined for disciplining their children while driving under proposed new laws in Australia
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Parents could soon be fined for disciplining their children while driving under proposed new laws in Australia.

Outrage over new law fining parents for disciplining the kids

The National Transport Commission is drafting new laws to stop drivers from being distracted by technology, children and animals.

Drivers who look away for more than two seconds to tell off their kids or read a book could be penalised under one of the new proposed changes.

Royal Automobile Association of South Australia [RAA] spokesman Charles Mountain told The Advertiser: ‘This will lead to a much better understanding of what all the distractions are in a vehicle other than a mobile phone.’

The proposed laws would also allow drivers to use navigation programs and voice-controlled technology.

Innovation has made it difficult to differentiate between functions that could distract drivers and functions that may improve safety outcomes,‘ he said.

‘Existing legislation is not effective for emerging technology like smartphones.’

Parents are not impressed by the proposal

Many parents have shared their annoyance at the idea saying it is again undermining their choices as a parent and also giving kids the opportunity to do whatever they please.

“Well let’s just let kids do as thèy please because you aren’t allowed to discipline them, “ said one parent.

Another shared, “Bit by bit parents are losing control of their right to discipline their children and keep them in line.”

“This is RIDICULOUS!, said another. “So I’m guessing the same penalty applies when you’re trying to soothe your baby by reaching behind to touch them gently. I often hold my son’s feet or tickle his legs when he’s having a meltdown, better that than having an accident because we can’t hear our selves think while we are driving a car.”

“On the one hand, yeah, they’re not paying attention. On the other, it’s not their fault. And on the third, this is obviously just another way to reach fine quotas and nothing much to do with safety,” wrote another.

“Every way the child gets disciplined these days there is a loophole where kids get more rights than parents do?! It’s ridiculous!”

“What a stupid idea. Kids will just realise they can carry on how they like which will be even more distracting! Another way to show kids they can get away with everything and parents have no control.”

Do you agree with the proposal?

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