Overindulged this Christmas? Here’s how to forgive your guilt so you can get back on track

Christmas is a difficult time of year you may find that you’re treating yourself more and exercising less, we have some tips to help you ease the guilt you may feel from overindulging this Christmas season.
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Christmas is a difficult time of year for those who are on their weight loss journey with their new healthy lifestyle. Lack of time for exercise, meal prep and eating healthy can give way to exhaustion, unhealthy food and lifestyle choices.

You may find that you’re treating yourself more and exercising less, which results in feelings of guilt at your relapse and so starts the cycle of emotional or binge eating.

If this may be a pattern you are susceptible to, try these tips and tricks to a healthier Christmas.

overinduldged christmas guilt

Tips to help you forgive the guilt you might have from your Christmas overindulgence

1. Treat yourself responsibly!


The key to healthy and happy holidays is balance and planning.

In the lead up to Christmas eat well-balanced meals, which starts with a healthy breakfast to reduce a spike in your blood sugar levels which will make you crave fatty and sugary snacks during the day.

Have a look at The Healthy Mummy website for nutritious and delicious meals, pay particular attention to our fabulous Christmas guilt-free food swaps!

2. Find a way to move

steph doing lunges

If you have family over for Christmas, do not use this as an excuse to stop exercising!

Find a way to incorporate your guests into your routine such as taking a walk around your suburb to look at the Christmas lights after dinner.

Perhaps you can drive them to your closest beach or bushwalking trail under the guise of showing them what your area has to offer and go for walks with them!

At the end of the day, there’s no way around it, physical activity makes you feel better and will stop those feelings of guilt if you haven’t made the best food choices.

Bonus if you add some movement you will work off those extra calories faster.

3. Forgive yourself and move on

It’s normal to feel guilty after you’ve overindulged. The key is to accept this and move forward.

Otherwise, you can find that you’re going to get stuck in a destructive cycle of eating because you’re feeling guilty and then feeling anxiety and remorse over your lack of control then giving up and eating again.

All of your hard work will be forgotten and you will find yourself back to square one.

Keep in mind that it’s not the end of the world if you do overindulge. Forgive yourself and move on knowing that the next meal or tomorrow is a new opportunity to start exercising your willpower and being good to your body.

If you find your guilt and anxiety is overwhelming and affecting your daily life, it may be time to get some professional help. Talk to your GP about what your options are.

The Healthy Mummy Facebook groups are also a beautifully safe and nurturing, supportive and non-judgemental group of women who have a sense of what you are going through. Reach out and get some support.

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