Plant and flower related baby names set to become popular in 2019

Plant-based and floral baby names are set to trend in 2019.

According to trend analysts McCrindle, botanical monikers – such as Ivy, Olive and Willow – will creep up the baby name charts this year.

Currently, Willow is in the number 10 spot, followed by Ivy at 18th place, Lily at 22nd, Violet at 39th.

56 plant and flower-inspired baby names

1. Acacia

2. Aloe

3. Apple

4. Ash

5. Azalea

6. Basil

7. Bay

8. Bluebell

9. Blossom

10. Camellia

11. Cedar

12. Cherry

13. Clover

14. Cypress

15. Dahlia

16. Daisy

17. Elm

18. Fern

19. Fleur

20. Freesia

21. Heather

22. Holly

23. Honey

24. Hazel

25. Hyacinth

26. Indigo

27. Iris

28. Ivy

29. Jacinda

30. Jasmine

31. Jessamine

44 baby names inspired by the seasons and months

32. Kale

33. Kentia

34. Lavender

35. Lila

36. Lily

37. Magnolia

38. Maple

39. Marigold

40. Marguerite

41. Orchid

Plant and flower related baby names set to become popular in 2019

42. Olive

43. Peach

44. Pine

45. Pixie

46. Poppy

47. Posie

48. Primrose

49. Rose

50. Rue

51. Saffron

52. Sage

53. Thyme

54. Tulip

55. Violet

56. Willow

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