“It Really Works, You Won’t Regret It”: Renee Drops 12kgs* And Loses 110cm Off Her Body

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Wow! It has only been six months since Renee started The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and began drinking the delicious smoothies, and she has already lost a WHOPPING 110cm* from her body!

She never believed she could lose so many centimetres while eating so much! Fuelled with healthy and nutritious foods, she has the energy to tackle her busy days with her four children (two under two years) and still lose weight. Doesn’t she look FABULOUS?


Renee Lawler is 39 years old and lives in NSW with her husband and 4 children ages 15, 8, 23 months and 10 month old.

By following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and enjoying the delicious smoothies she has lost 12kgs* and over 110cm from her body in just 6 months.

Here Is Renee’s Story

Starting weight

“My starting weight was 71kg in August 2016, four months after having my fourth child”.

“My motivation to lose weight was so many things. I hated the way I looked, nothing fit me besides what I had been wearing throughout my pregnancy; I had no energy and basically just felt like crap. Having never been that weight before, I was feeling depressed. I didn’t want to feel or look like that anymore!”.


How I Found The Healthy Mummy

“One day I was scrolling through Facebook when an ad came up for The Healthy Mummy. Out of curiosity I joined The Healthy Mummy Lose Baby Weight Facebook Support Group and saw all the amazing transformations and the wonderful support all these women were to each other.

“I continued to check out this page for a month as I was skeptical that this was just another fad diet. But I was so wrong!

“These were real women/mums losing weight the right way. No crash diets, no low calories and no cutting out food groups.

“That’s when I decided to join The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenges, get a Healthy Mummy smoothie subscription, use the free recipes and calorie count”.

Thai Beef with Carrot & Zucchini Noodles

“The smoothies have been a life saver for me especially, on  busy school mornings. I have no excuse to skip breakfast anymore”.

Healthy mummy smoothies - green

Motivation For Staying On Track

“My motivation for staying on track is seeing the results of my weight loss and, having so much more energy. And I am much, much happier now that I am fuelling my body with the right foods. Plus it’s a confidence boost fitting into clothes that I wore years ago”.


Roadblocks And How I Overcame Them

“The only road block I have encountered is with my own self and way of thinking. I found it hard at the beginning to eat so much and I would worry that I would make me gain more weight. But I was wrong! Besides having two babies 13 months apart, it was my lack of eating that was stopping me from losing weight.

“I do have the occasional times that I have takeaway or a slice of cake at a party but what The Healthy Mummy has taught me is everything in moderation. Don’t feel bad and just continue on with the next meal.”

Advice To Other Mums Wanting To Lose Weight

“My advice to other mums is make yourself a priority and don’t feel guilty for doing that. I struggled with this at first but I realised if I’m not truly happy then my kids and husband are not getting the best of me. I wanted to be happy for me, my children and my husband; I wanted to be healthy and I wanted to love myself; because I deserve that.

So ladies if you are sitting on the fence, take a leap and join up. It really works and you will not regret it.”


Weight Loss Results

“Six months later, I now weigh 59kgs. A loss of 12kg* and over 110cm from all over my body. I still have a few kilos to go and a lot of toning to do. But I know I will get there even if it’s fitting in the challenge exercises and squats while my 2 youngest kids are in the bath”.


“Thank you Healthy Mummy for making a program that is family friendly and doable and that works for us busy mums. All my family enjoy the variety of meals and my 8 year old likes organising what snacks she is going to make for school and home”.

The Healthy Mummy team would like to thank Renee for sharing her FABULOUS body transformation and weight loss journey with us.

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