6 things you should NEVER do after sex, expert warns

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We all have our rituals after getting intimate, but sex experts say most of us are making some pretty major post-sex mistakes. Uh oh! Do you have any idea what they are?

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Are you doing it right?

“Taking care of our private parts after sex is very important for our health, comfort and enjoyment, but many people are unaware of the things they are doing wrong,” Isiah McKimmie, Relationship Therapist and Sexologist, exclusively tells The Healthy Mummy.

“By avoiding infections and irritations, we’re more likely to feel in the mood and enjoy ourselves more.”

1. You don’t need to rush to the bathroom to pee

“It’s an old wives’ tale,” says Isiah. “Going to the bathroom after sex can help clear the urethral tract of any bacteria introduced during sex that can lead to painful UTIs, but you don’t need to do it right away and ruin the moment.

“But make sure you go within the first couple of hours, particularly if you’re are prone to UTIs. You can combat this by making sure your fluid intake is adequate.”

2. Don’t fall asleep in lacy underwear

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“Our private parts maintain a balance best when they are able to breathe,” Isiah says.

“Wearing lacy or synthetic fibres to bed can trap moisture and make you more susceptible to infections (the same thing applies on a hot day).

“Better to wear your cute cottons to bed after sex, or better still, bask in the intimate afterglow and sleep naked.” We have no doubt your partner will be fine with this! Hehe! 

3. Stay away from freshening wipes

Uh oh. Stay away from the freshening wipes ladies! “Chemicals from wipes can upset this delicate natural balance of the ph in our vaginas and their self-cleaning ability,” reveals Isiah.

“With this in mind, it might be an idea to make sure your partner has clean hands and trimmed nails. This will also prevent the introduction of any bad bacteria.” 

4. Don’t shave

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Yep! You read that right. Don’t shave! According to Isiah, “you’re more likely to develop irritation if you shave right after sex,”

“During sex we experience an increased blood flow to the genital area making us more sensitive – a good thing during sex, but not good for shaving afterwards.” Oh my! 

5. Avoid hot tubs

It may seem like a romantic idea at the time, but getting into a warm tub after a romp can cause many unwanted repercussions.

“Hot tubs can contain a lot of bacteria and we’re more susceptible to it after sex due to possible small tears increased opening of the vaginal canal that occurs when we become aroused,” she says.

6. Don’t wash with soap

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“Our vaginas are incredible, self cleaning organs, there is simply no need for us to use soaps or detergents in our vagina areas,” says Isiah.

“Clean warm water should be enough to dispel any lubricants or fluids.”

Wow. Thanks for the helpful tips doc!

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