Real Mum Stories: Melissa on How To Stay On Track With Healthy Eating Habits And Exercise!

Melissa Timmer, who lost 37kg with The Healthy Mummy, talks about how you can stay on track with your healthy eating habits and exercise!
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The incredible Melissa Timmer lost 37 kilos in just 18 months following  The Healthy Mummy. Having built up her own self-confidence Melissa is now passionate about empowering other mums to achieve their weight and health goals and regain their confidence too.  Here she shares how she stays on track.

Melissa’s talks Meal Prep, Snacks, and getting active on the weekend

“It’s important to have a few rules when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. You really need to have realistic expectations of where you want to be and when.

Break things down into 6 week goals, so you’re not over-thinking it, otherwise you could overwhelm yourself thinking it will never happen because it’s too far in the future.”
Then break your week down with a plan. This is what I do.

1. Plan your week

“Sunday – Grocery Day. Prepare  1- 2 meals and 1 snack option.”

2. Make sure you’ve got snacks covered

“Make sure you have ingredients available to make some quick and easy snacks eg. vita wheats with cheese and tomato, rice cakes with hummus. Also, having snacks already prepared will stop you from overindulging in bad foods, and they’ll be readily available when the munchies strike!”

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3. Do a mid-week meal prep top-up

“By the time Wednesday comes, you may be needing a top-up of other snack options and meals. This is the time to make another batch or double batch of a meal or snack.”

4. Plan the end of the week!

“Thursday and Friday are your end of the weekdays, these are the most important days to keep on track so your weekend follows through. Know what you’re having for dinners these days! I always love creating a healthier alternative to a take away option, for eg naked burgers, healthy pizza, burrito bowls. Get the kids involved and make it a fun thing for them to do. Great way to teach them to be independent and try new foods.”

5. Get active on the weekend

“Saturday and Sunday.  Now, these are the days that most of us throw it out the window! I highly recommend starting your day off with being active. A workout first thing in the morning sets the tone for the day. Mentally, it will help you make better choices with your food, try it, I promise it works.”


“If you have an outing or a birthday, check the calories you’re eating or what you’re ordering.

Of course, it’s ok to have balance, but it’s also good to choose healthier options when going out and still enjoy them. The majority of the time you can order something delicious and healthy that will not leave you feeling gross, guilty and bloated!”


6. Use the App!

“Always aim to try a new recipe every week as it will make the journey so much more enjoyable. Get The Healthy Mummy App for inspiration!”

“Don’t ever feel guilty for taking some time everyday for you to do exercise, self-love or prep. You matter just as much as anyone else in your family. Learn to do some self-love, the happier you are, the easier it will be to stay on track. I highly recommend finding something you love to do, gym, dancing, swimming, running. If you can’t find anything, step out of your comfort zone and try something new.”
“Take the leap and give yourself a chance to have a hobby or something else you really enjoy.
Being happy with changing your lifestyle is super important. Remember this is an overall lifestyle change, not just about losing weight.
Trust the process, be patient and always remember how long it took you to get where you are, results don’t happen overnight.”

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