These mums have reached their goals and have lost 176.5 combined

These mums have reached their weight loss goals and have lost a total of 176.5 between them. Well done, mums on achieving your amazing goals.
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These inspiring mums have achieved their weight loss goals and are on their way to a healthier lifestyle and happier versions of themselves.

Here at The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, we are celebrating their accomplishments.

Hayley Campbell

Hayley Campbell has lost 30 kg

Hayley says, “Five years ago the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge started me on my way to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy second pregnancy.”

“Three years ago the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges gave me everything I needed to change the way I view food and exercise. I’m 30kg from my heaviest but my journey has been about so much more. It’s been filled with fitness achievements that I honestly thought I would never see at any weight or size. It’s been about enjoying my life and accepting myself for who I am right now, despite not being at goal. It’s been about finding pride in what I have accomplished and not a disappointment for what I have not.”

“Good food and regular exercise doesn’t just improve your physical appearance it improves your mental and emotional state and creates a positive relationship with your self. Yes, crash diets can make you drop weight but you won’t experience any of the other benefits you get from living a healthy lifestyle!”

Kate Jacklin has lost 26 kg

kate jacklin-25

Katelin says, “26kg combined GONE thanks to finding The Healthy Mummy.” 

“I have been following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges, smoothies & other products for nearly four years, losing weight after both of my babies and I am feeling FABULOUS!”

“Such an easy, sustainable lifestyle.”

Robyn Jurd has lost 28 kg

robyn jurd (3)

Robyn says, “I love Christmas!” 

“I was looking through photos of the Christmas hubby and I spent in New York. An amazing experience but I felt so self-conscious and uncomfortable. I spent so much time worrying about what I was wearing.”

“Two children later, 28kg lost and I’m going into the Christmas season feeling fit, confident and healthy!”

“Between my husband and I we have lost 48kg.”  

Jaci Major has lost 18 kgs

jaci major

Jaci says, “85kgs to 67kgs”

“Total loss: 18kgs!”

“Waist: 90cm to 77cm
Hips: 108cm to 91cm
Chest: 105cm to 90cm
Thighs: 57cm to 52cm
Biceps: 31cm to 28cm”

“Total loss: 53cms!”

“Body fat:
47.3% to 23.7%

Total loss: 23.6%!”

“I thought I would flash back to when I first started gym a few months into my healthy mummy journey, as my gym measurements are a little different to mine so always good to compare.”

“Through combining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, smoothies, and The Healthy Mummy products with moving my body every day, I have been able to achieve my above results.”

“I am the healthiest and fittest I have ever been and so much more confident!”

“I am so close to my goal weight of 65kgs! Eeekkkkkkkk”

“Never doubt yourself as you can achieve anything you set your mind to!”

Heidi Joy has lost 65 kgs

Heidi Joy
Heidi says, “From 135kg to 70kg
From unhappy to happy,
From unhealthy to healthy, 
From unfit to strong, 
Theses are all the things I never thought I could be until I found this group and the amazing 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.”

“Start living your life to the fullest today.”

Bianca Darcy has lost 9.5 kg

bianca darcy

Bianca says, “So two months ago I got back into the swing of things two months after having my third baby. I was so disappointed in myself and deflated when the scales hit 90.3kgs.”

“My body has been through a lot over the last nearly four years. I’ve had three beautiful babies (eldest will be three at the end of the month, 17 and a half month old and a four month old).”

“I’m so excited to say I have lost 9.5kgs and nearly 40cms from my body and I am now the lightest I have been since I fell pregnant with my first.”

“I still have around 15-20kgs to lose and would like to get more toned but I know I can achieve it if I stay in the right head space and make SMART goals.”

“Thank you to 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and the beautiful community of mummas on here for keeping me motivated and helping me make better choices. Much love.”

Thank you lovely mums for sharing your journey with us and congratulations on achieving your goals!

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