This mum lost 16kg and now saves $150 a fortnight through meal planning!

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Desperate to lose weight and become healthy, this mum says tried HEAPS of quick fix diets. 

And while Teegan reveals had some success, she says she had no long-term results and was restricting herself of food groups as well as important vitamins and nutrition.

Teegan then found The Healthy Mummy and after seeing the results from the amazing real-life women, felt empowered to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

So far, Teegan has lost over 16kg, starting from 103kg and now to 88kg – and she credits meal prep for helping her achieve this and save money!


Goodbye fad diets and hello The Healthy Mummy lifestyle

Going from a size 22 down to a size 14/16, Teegan reveals she can now pick clothes she wants to wear and not just shop around to find what fits her body.

After taking the plunge to join 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Teegan took her first before photo and it was at that moment that she says she didn’t recognise the person looking back at her.

“She was a sad unhealthy woman that had pushed her own needs to the side and let food overtake her body and happiness,” she says.

“I went through my fridge and freezer and pantry and chucked out all the food that was ruining my life. I had just had enough of the temptation.”

Teegan began to meal plan straight from the Challenge app and re-stocked her kitchen with fresh, healthy and yummy food.

Making new habits

To avoid going back to old unhealthy shopping habits, Teegan shopped online until she gained the strength to walk past the temptations in the supermarket. It took a couple of months but now Teegan waltzes by unfazed!  

“I save around $150 a fortnight now by shopping online only buying want I need along with fresh local produce from the markets and fruit shops,” she says.

No longer does Teegan have food wastage, she uses vegetables that are getting a bit old and puts it to good use, such as into a Vegetable and Bacon Frittata lunch.

Teegan says, “One of my favourite things about the Challenge is that everything is so adaptable to me and what I have in my home.” 


Exercising at night when her daughter is asleep how Teegan makes time for herself.

“Sometimes life and kids get in the way and it can become normal to miss a day and that’s OK, that’s life. I just push myself a little bit longer and a little bit harder the next day” she says.

When Teegan first started to exercise she really did struggle, and was lucky to continue activity for 15 minutes, but she didn’t give up. six months down the track and she now does a minimum of 45 minutes!

Teegan says, “I felt my body becoming stronger and fitter and now live for my routine, I now live to move my body and feel so much better for it.”

Start moving your body by doing these simple exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Loving her new lifestyle, Teegan adds, “Say goodbye to fad diets and say hello to The Healthy Mummy lifestyle. Say goodbye to feeling sad and say hello to team Healthy Mummy. Say goodbye to an unhealthy lifestyle and say hello to The Healthy Mummy family.”

Using the support network has made it impossible for Teegan to fail as she says she still has weight to lose and muscle to gain, but knows she’s going to get there the fun and healthy way!

Join Teegan on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and create your new lifestyle using all the tools you need which we have made to suit your exact needs.

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