5 must have tips for a successful weight loss journey

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Losing weight is a little bit like a recipe. It takes a pinch of courage, an ounce of determination and one BIG glass of persistence! But there’s one very important ingredient to weight loss that can easily be overlooked.

Add plenty of that self love into the mix and you’ve got yourself a great combination to start you on your journey.

Here are our top FIVE tips on how to ensure you’re on the road to success.

5 must have tips for a successful weight loss journey

1. Be aware of negative self talk


Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge members can attest to the fact that the weight loss journey can be a fluctuating one.

Some months are more challenging than others, and when crisis hits the urge to break those healthy new habits and resort to older, sometimes self defeating behaviours, can be tricky to overcome.

But don’t berate yourself if you opt for a not-so-healthy meal choice or skip a day of exercise. Adopt a caring, compassionate and understanding approach to the way you talk to yourself in those moments is the key to the longevity of your weight loss journey.

Mel Goulding (pictured above) who lost 14kgs reveals, “After the birth of my fourth baby, I made the decision to stop living a life of self loathing, comparison and learn to love myself.

“For me, I knew that started with the way I saw myself, my weight.”

Ask yourself what advice you would give to a friend if they did the same thing?

Changing habits and thoughts take time. Just aim to make a better choice the next time around and get back on the wagon. Tomorrow is a new day! You’ve got this.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

You might have heard the saying, ‘personality begins at the end of comparison.’

However, focusing on the things you have in common with someone you admire instead of the differences between you, CAN unlock some serious personal power.

You’ve heard the other saying, ‘Like Attracts Like!’ Those people that you admire so much couldn’t have come into your radar unless you too had those same amazing qualities. It’s just easier to see them in someone else.

Lauren used to be super self-conscious and hated sitting by the pool. And now, she’s lost 15kgs and improved her health and is ROCKING her self-confidence, check out her video here!

Find five minutes to make a list of all the qualities or attributes that you admire in those closest to you (or your role models). Then look for examples of how you display the same qualities or strengths in your own life.

All the goodness you see in them is within you too, you might just need to look a little bit harder if it’s been in hiding for a while. We’d love to hear what you find!

3. Learn to take compliments


We live in a culture that puts a large emphasis on ‘giving’ that we overlook the importance of ‘receiving’.

If you are someone that struggles with compliments then brace yourself, because it’s likely that your weight loss journey is going to bring about LOTS of them! And so it should!

If someone pays you a compliment, resist the urge to shrug it off and instead, hold your head high and say, “Thank you.”

Practice, practice, practice ladies! You might not think it’s possible right now, and you might feel unworthy of the praise, but know that you are enough and YOU ARE WORTH IT.

After some time, those thank you’s will be rolling off your tongue! Self confidence will be up and your dress size will (hopefully) be down!

4. Focus on your strengths

We’ve all had those days where your focus shifts to something unpleasant and sometimes the best course of action is to go to sleep and hope that tomorrow delivers a new, and more pleasant, experience.

But what if something as simple as shifting your focus could put an end to much of the upset?

Focusing on what you CAN DO instead of what you CAN’T do (or what is out of your control) can have a massive impact on your mindset, and in turn your weight loss journey.

Remembering that at one point in your life you had to learn to walk for the first time, by taking just one step and one day at a time. Baby steps, as they say! You never doubted yourself then, so don’t doubt yourself now! You CAN do this.


The next time you’re beating yourself up over one of the myriad of CAN’TS that are popping up in your day, ask yourself, “But what CAN I do?”

“Running is challenging right now, but I CAN walk.”

“Walking a full flight of stairs is a challenge right now, but I CAN walk up a few single steps, and a few is better than none.”

“I’m struggling to complete an entire work out right now, but I CAN do some of the simpler exercises.”

Before you know it you’ll be doing all the things you thought you couldn’t and MORE!

Remember on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – you have access 24/7 support and the ability to connect with other mums on a similar journey, especially when you need that additional inspiration. You can learn more about our Challenge HERE.

5. Fill Up Your Own Cup First

It’s a common misconception, especially among mums, that other’s needs should come before your own. That good old mummy guilt rears its ugly head quite often. We know, we’re mums too!

But by taking time to fill up your own cup first, you’ll have much more energy and love to give to those around you.

Self love for you might be getting up an hour earlier each morning to do yoga or exercise in front of the television with our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app exercises.


Or maybe you prefer to take some time for yourself at the end of each day for a long walk, your favourite sporting activity or squeeze in your Challenge exercises.

Finding an ‘hour of power’ each day will make you better equipped to deal with your family, work and friends when they start demanding your time.

Whatever time-out means for you, be sure to schedule it FIRST and then build the rest of your day and priorities around it.

You’ll be surprised how such a little change in the planning of your day can have a significant impact.

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