Top 10 baby names in Australia for 2017 have been revealed

Woohoo! We now know what the top baby names in the country are!

Social research site McCrindle has published a report of the top 100 boys and girls names in Australia for 2017.

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The top moniker for a boy is Oliver, and Charlotte for a girl. Oliver has hit the top spot for boys for three years in a row now. And Charlotte has been the number one girl name for two years on the trot.

“Around one in ten of Australia’s 300,000 babies born in the last year were given one of the Top 10 baby names. There were 2,145 boys named Oliver and 1,817 girls named Charlotte,” says the official report.

McCrindle suggests celebrity influences – such as Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter Penelope going from 62nd to 54th from last year – have influenced baby names this year, as well as royal monikers, a.k.a. Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

The report says there’s also been a surge of names with a botanic theme, such as Lily, Ivy, Daisy and Olive.

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Top 100 Boy’ Names For 2017

1. Oliver

2. William

3. Jack

4. Noah

5. James

6. Thomas

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7. Ethan

8. Lucas

9. Jackson

10. Lachlan

11. Mason

12. Alexander

13. Henry

14. Liam

15. Charlie

16. Max

17. Harrison

18. Leo

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19. Samuel

20. Hunter

21. Jacob

22. Isaac

23. Hudson

24. Benjamin

25. Cooper

26. Oscar

27. Levi

28. Harry

29. Joshua

30. Xavier

31. Elijah

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32. Ryan

33. Archer

34. Archie

35. Riley

36. Sebastian

37. Harvey

38. George

39. Daniel

40. Jayden

41. Logan

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42. Patrick

43. Finn

44. Lincoln

45. Flynn

46. Nate

47. Eli

48. Edward

49. Tyler

50. Aiden

51. Theodore

52. Arlo

53. Jordan

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54. Hugo

55. Luca

56. Connor

57. Kai

58. Michael

59. Zachary

60. Austin

61. Angus

62. Louis

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63. Ashton

64. Josh

65. Luke

66. Blake

67. Hamish

68. Owen

69. Matthew

70. Beau

71. Nicholas

72. Dylan

73. Chase

74. Jake

75. Carter

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76. Jasper

77. Charles

78. Caleb

79. Adam

80. Muhammad

81. Toby

82. Nathaniel

83. Felix

84. Sonny

85. Nathan

86. Ryder

87. Darcy

88. Dominic

89. Christian

90. Spencer

91. Fletcher

92. Gabriel

93. Ali

94. John

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95. Lewis

96. Maxwell

97. Marcus

98. Hayden

99. Vincent

100. Parker

Top Girls Baby Names For 2017

1. Charlotte

2. Olivia

3. Mia

4. Ava

5. Amelia

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6. Isla

7. Sophia

8. Chloe

9. Grace

10. Emily

11. Evie

12. Sophie

13. Lily

14. Ella

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15. Isabella

16. Zoe

17. Ruby

18. Harper

19. Evelyn

20. Ivy

21. Matilda

22. Scarlett

23. Lucy

24. Sienna

25. Isabelle

26. Maddison

27. Willow

28. Georgia

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29. Aria

30. Emma

31. Zara

32. Hannah

33. Eva

34. Mila

35. Layla

36. Abigail

37. Audrey

38. Violet

39. Alice

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40. Piper

41. Savannah

42. Ellie

43. Annabelle

44. Stella

45. Imogen

46. Jasmine

47. Mackenzie

48. Madeleine

49. Elizabeth

50. Alexis

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51. Maya

52. Poppy

53. Phoebe

54. Penelope

55. Frankie

56. Sarah

57. Eleanor

58. Hazel

59. Summer

60. Emilia

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61. Chelsea

62. Addison

63. Anna

64. Harriet

65. Claire

66. Indiana

67. Billie

68. Eloise

69. Ayla

70. Bella

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71. Paige

72. Lola

73. Elsie

74. Elza

75. Jessica

76. Rose

77. Aurora

78. Eden

79. Daisy

80. Ariana

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81. Olive

82. Bonnie

83. Alyssa

84. Hayley

85. Thea

86. Victoria

87. Holly

88. Aaliyah

89. Charlie

90. Quinn

91. Molly

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92. Heidi

93. Aisha

95. Lara

96. Peyton

97. Florence

98. Alexandra

99. Brooklyn

100. Sadie

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