G’Day mate! Here are the top 20 bogan baby names of 2018

They may not have made the list of 100 most popular baby names of 2018 but these names are sure to delight the most Aussie bogans.

Bogan is a term of endearment Aussies like to call themselves and others but some people may take offence to their babies name being deemed bogan. But we really just want to bask in the glory that is the uniqueness of the Aussie bogan.

From Bylan to Heavyn or even Squire Sebastian Senator these are the top 20 bogan baby names according to Kidspot.

See if your bubs name is as bogan as you think.

Surfing baby on the beach

20 most popular bogan baby names of 2018


Is replacing the ‘D’ in Dylan with a ‘B’ all it takes to turn this common name into one that could be seen as bogan? We think it could just be pronounced BYE-lan which just means it’s a unique baby name.


They could have gone for Chevrolet which would be the equivalent to naming your kid Commodore or Falcon but Chavelle gives it that extra difficulty in spelling, fun for years to come!


A quick Google of this name finds that it’s one of those last names as first names situations which isn’t so unusual, so maybe we could just go looking for more last names that have a bogan twist.


Now we just thought this was the name of a clothing store which would make sense why it ended up on this list but then I realised it actually said Esipirt not Esprit and so I just confused.

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This just seems cruel and an easy set up for future taunting at the hands of this kids peers or maybe it indicates an overabundance of hair on the baby, either way, the extra ‘R’ seems a bit redundant.


This spaced themed name wouldn’t be so bad if the spelling didn’t get messed with, I mean Galaxia is a nice and unique name that everyone should be able to spell, good luck getting your barista or school friends to spell this.


I wonder if the parents that chose this name were trying to put their own spin on the shortening of the popular boy’s name Jason or if they just picked it for its brevity.


Really did you need to switch the ‘E’ in Heaven to a ‘Y’? This is one of those standard bogan tricks of taking a normal or even a unique name to make it more unique by changing a letter. It’s really not needed.


Couldn’t stick to the classic Irish Connor nope had to make it that little bit shorter and more unique, well that will make for a fun time for your child constantly explaining “it’s spelt K-O-N-O-R”.

irish baby


Another example of adding superfluous letters into already unique names, I mean Tannyn is a girls name that you can find around so why add the extra ‘Y’.


Creighton is a Scottish surname and Creighton University is in Nebraska. But swapping the C for a K makes me think it’s for some creature from the swampland not an adorable baby!


Were they trying to go for a unique version of Wanye or Wave? Because Wanye is bogan enough and Wave is already pretty unique this mix is just confusing.


You may have seen the story online of the mum who cancelled her baby shower after friends and family made fun of the name she’d chosen for her unborn child. Well, this was the name: Squire Sebastian Senator.

She made it clear that this was his first name ONLY and that he wouldn’t be allowed to have any nicknames.

“We come from a long line of both squires and senators,” she wrote in a Facebook group for the baby shower. “If you look back in our family tree, the survival of this clan is literally rooted in squiredom. We are all related to senators too.” Right.


So the name Lahni is of Hawaiian origin and means ‘heaven or sky’ according to so maybe the parents thought the extra ‘I’ would get their baby closer to being heavenly.


15. TAYN

In Polynesian and Māori mythology, Tāne was a god. But Tayn makes it just Zayn with a T or Tāne without the special powers.


What is wrong with the name Riley? I mean it is on this list of cool boys names for 2019 and I can’t see how changing the spelling to this mix of letters could make it cooler.


This is a name that is perfect for all those aspiring Dungeons and Dragons masters as it’s inspired by the ruins of a city in the role-playing game. Let’s just hope the parents who chose it knew this.


There are so many elements to this name that make it bogan including the unique spelling, the fact you could say it in a Southern US drawl and fir right in and that it could if you wanted to, be shortened to Shaz.


This just reminds me of the poor children that have the unfortunate name of ABCED, it seems the parents just chose random letters to throw together. Unless there is a name out there I don’t know that this has been inspired by?


This is fine for shortening as she’ll most likely go through life just being called “Silvi” but then why go to the effort of creating this mix of letters when Silvia works great!

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