Sascha shares her top healthy breastfeeding meals to eat with one hand

While many women claim breastfeeding helps them shed kilos, others find that they are ravenous!

Making milk, while also sleep deprived is no joke! And many women crave sweet things to give themselves a little energy boost.

So no wonder so many of us nursing mammas turn to biscuits and chocolate bars – after all, they’re quick and easy to consume. It’s not easy to make a heap of healthy snacks while you’ve got a demanding baby cluster feeding!

Healthy Mummy Super Coach and mum of four Sascha Farley, who has lost 30kg through the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge,  shares her favourite healthy snacks for when she’s breastfeeding.

Sascha shares her top healthy breastfeeding meals to eat with one hand

The hunger you feel when breastfeeding is like nothing else! It’s like, ‘If I don’t eat right now, I might pass out’!

Thankfully, with The Healthy Mummy app, I have so many options at my finger tips. For a while, I was reaching for the easiest thing but found I was never satisfied. I was overeating and felt even more tired than I was.

That’s why eating the right foods is essential for mum and Bub! I’m currently breastfeeding my fourth baby Remi and have found these to be lifesaving snacks that fill me up and also I can eat them with one hand!

Sascha’s breastfeeding friendly snacks


My supply has been so substantial this time and the only thing I have now, that I didn’t have with my other kids, is The Healthy Mummy smoothies! These smoothies are breastfeeding friendly!
I highly recommend these not only for supply but for a quick easy meal or snack. I have one for breakfast every morning and one as a snack in the afternoons.

Banana, oat and choc chip cookies

This recipe is perfection. Oats are considered a superfood for breastfeeding mums, along with all the goodness from banana’s and the sweetness of chocolate! It’s a must try, plus you can eat them one handed.

Flourless chocolate cake

This is so delicious. And again you can get your chocolate fix and a protein hit from chickpeas. And it’s sugar-free as well!

Chocolate Cake Bites

These are so easy to eat one handed. These delicious and healthy treats will satisfy your sweet tooth and are only 118 calories per serve.
You can find the recipe for this on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Wholemeal choc chip muffins

Chocolate Chip Muffins
A great healthy way to get your carb intake. With dark chocolate bits, these healthy muffins are also a great snack or lunch box treat. Perfect for the whole family!

Asian Pork and Veggie Rice Balls

Asian pork and veggie rice balls
Mega protein hit and a great savoury option! These Asian-inspired rice balls are a great savoury snack that can be kept in the fridge for 3-4 days or in the freezer for up to two months.

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