Twin sisters gave birth on the SAME DAY just hours apart: ‘We do everything together’

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Twin sisters Melissa and Melinda have done EVERYTHING together their whole lives, so they weren’t shocked to find they had BOTH fallen pregnant at the same time.

But they weren’t expecting to give birth on the same day! In fact, the chances of that happening was 150,000 to one.

Read their miraculous story below…

Melinda and Melissa. Source: Supplied

‘We have done everything together’

The sisters, who are from Ohio, even joked they would give birth on the same day because their lives are so in sync.

“We have pretty much always done everything together,” Melinda tells The Healthy Mummy.

“We got married two weeks apart. My husband and I had been trying for a while when we found out we were pregnant.

“The first person I told was my sister, and her response was that she and her husband Kyle had started trying as well!”

Melinda and Melissa do everything together. Source: Supplied

Melinda reveals she was excited at the prospect of being pregnant at the same time as her twin, who was already mum to her three-year-old son Hayes. And not long after Melissa was pregnant too.

“Our due dates were two weeks apart. I had more pregnancy sickness than she did,” says Melinda.

“But it was nice to have someone to go through it with. We went shopping together and helped each other with planning our baby showers.”

Melinda reveals she was induced at 39 weeks and was scheduled to go into the hospital on March 29 this year, with doctors planning for her baby to arrive on March 30. Melissa was originally scheduled to have a C-section on April 6, 2017.

But Melissa was brought into the hospital earlier, as she had some symptoms of pre-eclampsia, so her C-section was rescheduled for the 30th.

“Melissa has a different doctor at a different hospital, so I had no idea her C-section was being rescheduled while I was being induced. But then she text me to say that she was going to give birth via c-section that day,” says Melinda.

“I couldn’t believe it, I thought it was a joke.”

Melissa gave birth first to Hattie Mae. Source: Supplied

Cousins born on the same day

But while the twins found it hilarious that they would both be giving birth so close together, their parents found it a bit stressful.

“They flipped a coin on which hospital to go to. Mum went to be with Melissa, while Dad came to be with me.”

Melissa’s daughter Hattie Mae was born on March 3 at 12.13pm and Melinda’s son Crew Madden was born on March 3 at 2.15pm.

Melinda gave birth to Crew Madden. Source: Supplied

In fact, Melinda says she looked up the odds of twins giving birth on the same day and they are 150,000 to one!

Now Melinda and Melissa’s children will have birthday parties on the same day – just like they did growing up.

What a remarkable story! Congratulations on your births, girls.

The twins’ babies born on the same day. Source: Supplied

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