Moet, Ocean-Stanley and Marvel: The most unusual baby names in South Australia in 2018!

Don’t want to call your child Charlotte or Oliver, which happen to be the most popular baby names in Australia? Fancy something a little bit different?

Each year, Australian states release the 100 most popular names and South Australia has released the names given to every single baby.

According to Mamamia, “There are around 3,500 names used just once for either boys or girls in South Australia. They range from Aabed to Zyon, from S to Kaosidichukwunobi.

“Some, like Tailem and Xenophon, sound particularly South Australian.”

The most unusual boy names in South Australia

1. Lucifer

This name is actually banned in New Zealand as it’s another name for the devil.

2. Luv

A different alternative to Love.

3. Lightning

We wonder if we’ll see Thunder appear on this year’s list.

4. Lazer

The name Lazer is actually a boy’s name of Hebrew origin and means ‘God helps’.

5. Ocean-Stanley

A double-barrelled name that’s a bit different. River-Stanley could be an alternative.

6. Marvel

A superhero name taken a step further and named after the brand.

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The most unusual girl’s names in South Australia

1. Panda

Fox, Tiger and Bear are more commonly heard animal names

2. Moet

Brandy and Bailey are the more popular alcoholic-inspired monikers

3. Narnia-Jay

Inspired from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?

4. Harper-Lee

As in like the author of To Kill A Mockingbird.

5. Gingko

A spice name, with Sage, Maple, Saffron, Ginger and Juniper being more popular options.

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