10 mistakes most people make when trying to lose belly fat

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Many women find that when they put on extra weight it often clings to their tummies and thighs.

Plus, it doesn’t help that we’ve all stretched out this area due to pregnancy or weight gain.

If you find you’ve been exercising non-stop, eating a balanced diet and the bulge is still not budging, then here’s what you need to know about trying to lose belly fat.


10 mistakes most people make when it comes to shifting belly fat

There may be a number of reasons that you’re struggling to lose the belly fat. The mummy pouch is notoriously hard to shift, but you can do it (and if you need extra help check out the 28 Day Challenges)!

1. You’re not sleeping enough

10 mistakes most people make when trying to lose belly fat

When we’re tired, our hormones can become imbalanced and this may make us feel more hungry the next day.

It may also be harder to feel satisfied with food and this could be subconsciously contributing to weight to the mid-section.

2. You’re doing the wrong exercise

10 mistakes most people make when trying to lose belly fat

Just working on sit-ups won’t necessarily help get rid of the bulge. The best thing to do is to get your heart rate up with some high intensity training.

Check out our HIIT workouts on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

3. You’re eating too much sugar

10 mistakes most people make when trying to lose belly fat

Ditch the muffins and cakes! Sugar clings to our middle so make sure you are loading up on veggies and fruit instead.

If you must have that sweet fix then try some of our healthier sweet treat recipes.

4. You’re not eating enough protein

Protein helps build lean muscle and is a great source of energy, too. You don’t have to just eat meat for protein, it can be found in eggs, milks and chickpeas as well.

Up your protein intake with our Protein Powder.

5. You’re feeling stressed

10 mistakes most people make when trying to lose belly fat

Stress can cause all sorts of problems with your body. It may disrupt your sleep and it may also cause your body to hold onto any fat cells.

Try relaxing and unwinding or even talking to someone to help you feel less stressed and anxious.

6. You’re eating too much

It’s all well and good eating a healthy diet, but if you’re piling too much on your plate then your body is never going to burn off the fat around your tummy.

Watch your portion sizes, mamma!

7. You’re not eating regularly enough

healthy dinner recipes to lose weight

Crash diets or skipping breakfast may help you lose weight quickly in the beginning, but it’s hard to sustain. If your body feels hungry then it could be storing fat because it’s going into starvation mode.

Make sure you eat regular meals throughout the day, this is vital to lose belly fat (believe it or not!)

8. You’re not resting enough

10 mistakes most people make when trying to lose belly fat

Make sure if you are doing a lot of exercise that you take days to rest. It’s important for the body as well as your mind.

It will also help your body recover in between workouts and give you more energy.

9. You’re not feeling motivated

10 mistakes most people make when trying to lose belly fat

You may be eating healthily and exercising but if you’re not feeling motivated then you could be more likely to slip up along the way.

10. You have a medical condition

10 mistakes most people make when trying to lose belly fat

These are more serious, but certain medical conditions like Cushing’s disease, an under active thyroid and liver disease may mean you’re more likely to develop a bit of weight around the middle. Similarly, people with Type 2 diabetes are also more susceptible.

Be sure to chat with your doctor if you are struggling to lose weight through diet changes and exercise. They may be able to make further suggestions to make losing stomach fat easier.

How the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge can help

To tackle tummy fat the best thing you can do is improve your eating habits. This includes eating more regularly, more nutrient-dense food and more whole foods.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is a weight loss program created especially for mums to help them tackle their weight through healthy meal plans.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge encourages mums to eat three main meals a day and three snacks. Eating regularly throughout the day keeps the metabolism burning and assists with fat loss.  The recipes on the Challenge are also designed to be easy-to-make, affordable and family friendly – meaning the rest of the family can enjoy these meals too.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge also combines the weekly meal plans with daily exercise programs and workout videos. The best part about these workouts is that expensive gym equipment is not required. The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App allows you to access these exercises anytime, anywhere which means you can literally perform all of these exercises from your very own lounge room.

Home to 4,000 plus recipes (including gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options), over 350 time-efficient exercises for busy mums and NEW Challenge themes each month – means you can start your weight loss journey WITHOUT the fear of getting bored, eating the same food and performing the same old work outs over and over.

Giving you the best chance to succeed.

Before you know it, you’ll be hitting your weight loss goals and blasting that belly fat.

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