Talara lost 19kgs in 3 months, even after just having had her second baby

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Talara has lost 19 kgs since the birth of her second son just a few months ago using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge postnatal workouts. It is safe for mums to start some low impact exercises, generally around 6 weeks after giving birth. It’s best to check with your doctor first, especially after a c-section.

Find out below how The Healthy Mummy can help support you through your postpartum stage.

Talara lost 19kgs in just 3 months

Talara lnnes, 23, from Singleton in the Hunter Valley NSW is a mum of two sons aged 5 and 4 months.

She has been following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge since the birth of her second son and has lost roughly 19kgs in around three months.

Talara shares, “I am seeing a lot more energy, my sleep is better and my face a lot clearer and hair and nails, and I am not so bloated anymore, my joints aren’t so sore either.

“I am feeling a lot stronger more confident and more motivated and have more knowledge about what I am putting inside my body.

I do use the app mostly for the low carb food options and snack ideas I love all the postnatal workouts and I am now looking at doing the Stronger workouts.”

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Talara’s favourite Healthy Mummy recipes and Smoothies

Healthy Mummy Smoothies are my favourite! I love the Choc fudge and Vanilla because I can make so many different ones.

My favourite meal is the Chicken laksa and my favourite snack is the Peanut bubble crunch for sure.”


Talara’s tips for other mums

  • Drink heaps of water!
  • Move every day!
  • Always stretch before and after exercise.

Talara’s motivation advice

“When you start thinking bad thoughts about yourself or your food or exercise stop your self and just reverse it, so instead of thinking oh god I only walked for 20mins, think hell yeah I did 20 mins and tomorrow I’ll try 25 mins, something is always better than nothing.

“And never think if you “cheated” is a bad thing, it’s normal one bite or one “bad” meal will not hurt just keep going and keep the good choices coming.

“The Healthy Mummy community is my saviour feel of so much support and tips and hints and so many inspirational story’s.”

Tips to consider before starting Post Natal Exercise

  • Prioritise your pelvic floor and core.
  • Be kind to yourself, listen to your body and be patient.
  • Include rest and relaxation into your well-being plan. Consider using the Healthy Mummy Mind.Body.Breath sessions.
  • Enjoy a healthy diet of fresh food, lean protein and drink plenty of water.
  • Get out and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Exercising for 10 minutes here and there in your day is both realistic and easy on your body.
  • Check your posture frequently, especially when you are feeding.
  • Team up with other mums. Walk and talk.
  • If you are worried about your physical or emotional health, talk to your doctor, family or a friend.

Watch our post-pregnancy exercise video below

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