20 adorable baby names inspired by the weather

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Monikers inspired by the weather are in!

Kylie Jenner recently revealed she named her daughter Stormi, so we can only guess that these types of names will be become increasingly popular this year!

Check out 20 of the most adorable baby names inspired by the weather…

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10 girl names inspired by the weather

1. Alize

Meaning: Persian name meaning wind and is a variation of Eliza and Alissa.

2. Aria

Meaning: This name means ‘air’.

3. Audra

Meaning: This Lithuanian name means Storm.

4. Breeze

Meaning: A gorgeous name that makes you think of a soft gentle wind.

5. Gail

Meaning: While Gale is a type of wind, this common spelling still makes you think of the weather when you hear it.

Portrait of a one month old, sleeping, newborn, baby girl. She is swaddled in pink and sleeping in a tiny bucket.

6. Hiraani

Meaning: This name means ‘a beautiful sky’ and comes from a native tribe in the Americas.

7. Indra

Meaning: A Sanskrit name that means ‘possessing drops of rain’. Indra is the warrior god of rain and sky in the Hindu religion.

8. Storm

Meaning: This name literally translates into ‘storm’.

9. Thora

Meaning: Thora was the goddess of thunder and storm.

10. Zephyrine

Meaning: In Greek, a zephyr is a west wind.

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10 boy names inspired by the weather

1. Gale

Meaning: The masculine form of Gail and the name of Liam Hemsworth’s character in The Hunger Games.

2. Makani

Meaning: This is a Hawaiian name that means wind.

3. Neil

Meaning: Neil is an Irish name that means ‘cloud’.

4. Nevada

Meaning: Spanish boy name meaning ‘snow-clad’.

5. Rain

Meaning: Like the rain, you can spell it Raine, Rayne or Reine.

6. Snow

Meaning: This name could be a girl or boy’s name, deviations could be Snowden.

One year old baby lying in bed with a plush teddy bear

7. Tal

Meaning: Tal is a Hebrew name for ‘dew’ or ‘rain’.

8. Thor

Meaning: Thor is the Norse god of the storm and thunder.

9. Tornado

Meaning: This stormy name is great for boys and girls.

10. Wyndham

Meaning: Wyndham is an English place name that means ‘windy village’.

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