20 of the rarest baby names (some aren’t too alternative)!

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Not into popular, traditional names like Oliver or Charlotte? If you’re looking for something that not many other people have, but that’s also not TOO alternative like Apple or North, then look no further.

Here is a list of rare baby names – they’re pretty different.

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10 of the rarest names for girls

1. Adalie

Meaning: ‘God is my refuge, noble one’.

2. Agape

Meaning: A Greek name meaning ‘love’.

3. Birdie

Meaning: ‘Birdlike’.

4. Noam

Meaning: A Hebrew name meaning ‘pleasantness’.

5. Onyx

Meaning: A rare stone meaning ‘claw’ or ‘fingernail’.

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6. Oracle

Meaning: A Greek name meaning ‘prophecy’.

7. Sonali

Meaning: ‘Golden’.

8. Sondos

Meaning: ‘Adventure’.

9. Tiger

Meaning: ‘Tigerlike’.

10. Yvette

Meaning: ‘Yew’ or ‘archer’.

10 of the rarest names for boys


1. Ajax

Meaning: ‘Eagle’.

2. Dougal

Meaning: ‘Dark stranger’.

3. Henderson

Meaning: ‘Son of Henry’.

4. Jools

Meaning: ‘Descended from Jupiter’.

5. Marvellous

Meaning: ‘Lovely, wonderful’.


6. Oakleigh

Meaning: ‘Meadow of oak trees’.

7. Oswin

Meaning: ‘God’s friend’.

8. Richmond

Meaning: ‘Protector’.

9. Tadgh

Meaning: A Gaelic name which means ‘courageous’. It’s pronounced ‘tige’.

10. Thibault

Meaning: ‘Brave people’.

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