40 short baby names that are also SUPER CUTE!

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If you’re a fan of short and simple names then the good news is that there are HEAPS out there! AND the best bit is, you don’t have to worry about them being shortened!

Check out 40 of the cutest short baby names below…

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20 short girls baby names you’ll love!

1. Ada

Meaning: ‘Nobility.’

2. Bea

Meaning: ‘Bringer of joy.’

3. Dot

Meaning: ‘Gift of God.’

4. Ida

Meaning: ‘Labour, work.’

5. Quinn

Meaning: ‘Wisdom, intelligence.’


6. Nell

Meaning: ‘Shining light.’

15. Mae

Meaning: ‘May, spring.’

16. Eva

Meaning: ‘Living one.’

17. Joy

Meaning: ‘Delight, happiness.’

18. Kate

Meaning: ‘Pure, clear.’

19. Leigh

Meaning: ‘Delicate.’

20. Zara

Meaning: ‘Seed.’


20 short boys names

1. Aran

Meaning: ‘An ark.’

2. Ari

Meaning: ‘Superior’.

3. Ben

Meaning: ‘Son of my right hand.’

4. Cole

Meaning: ‘Dark.’


5. Eli

Meaning: ‘High’ or ‘my God.’

6. Finn

Meaning: ‘Fair, white.’

7.  Jack

Meaning: ‘Jehovah has been gracious.’

8. Lee

Meaning: ‘Clearing.’

11. Max

Meaning: ‘Greatest.’

12. Rhys

Meaning: ‘Enthusiasm.’

14. Gus

Meaning: ‘Majestic.’

16. Josh

Meaning: ‘Yahweh is salvation.’

17. Kit

Meaning: ‘Carrier of Christ.’

18. Tom

Meaning: ‘Twin.’

19. Van

Meaning: ‘Cloud.’

20. Zack

Meaning: ‘Remembered by God.’

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