42 names that are set to be popular in the next decade

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It’s often hard to predict whether you’re choosing a baby name that will be popular for a long time or if it will just be a passing trend.

Baby Name Wizard founder Laura Wattenberg has released a list of girl and boy names she believes will be popular over the next decade by analysing the monikers that are rising in popularity.

“When I looked at the results of the Freakonomics baby name predictions, I noted that they would have done better simply picking all of the names that were already rising steadily,” she says. 

“I’ve fine-tuned that approach today to predict the popular baby names of the decade to come.”


42 names that are set to be POPULAR in the next decade

21 girl names set to be popular in the next 10 years:

1. Adalyn

2. Adeline

3. Annabelle

4. Arabelle

5. Camilla

6. Emery

7. Eloise

8. Elsie

9. Genevieve

10. Finley

11. Gemma

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12. Hazel

13. June

14. Kinsley

15. Kenzie

16. Lucy

17. Nora

18. Naomi

19. Paisley

20. Vera

21. Willow


21 boys names set to be popular in the next 10 years

1. Asher

2. Atticus

3. Bennett

4. Beckett

5. Beckham

6. Ezra

7. Dean

8. Grayson

9. Hudson

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10. Judah

11. Levi

12. Luca

13. Maximus

14. Nash

15. Nikolai

16. Oliver

17. Prince

18. Remington

19. Rhett

20. Theodore

21. Weston

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