11 Things That Only Parents With One Child Know

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Children are a blessing whether you have four or one, but there are some things that only parents with one child know. We asked a few mums who have one child to share experiences that are unique to them, here are just 11 of them.

9 Things That Only Parents With One Child Know

Whether you’ve chosen to have one child or that’s just the way it’s turned out, your life is incredibly different from of mum with multiple kids. Not better or worse, just different.

Here Are 11 Things That Only Parents With One Child Know

1. Oh The Serenity

On visiting a friend who has three very loud and boisterous kids you soon realise how much you love your quieter household.

2. Less Fighting

Without siblings to purposely pick a fight or break or steal a toy there is no need to listen to constant fights or tattle-tales.

3. Not Having To Referee Fights All Day

One child is able to play without being nitpicked or harassed by a sibling and doesn’t have to share so there are no fights to break up. And there’s certainly no pesky sibling rivalry or play fights to deal with.

4. Independent Player

When you’ve got only one child they are masters at amusing them self and can either take or leave playing with other kids. They also have fabulous imaginations and can often spend hours on one task without getting bored.

5. Being Told You’re Selfish

At some stage more parents with only one child have been called ‘selfish’ for just having one. One mum we spoke to, who suffered from secondary infertility, was called selfish by her hairdresser. To which she replied, “are you going to give me the $40,000 to do IVF?” 

6. No Restrictions

You can live where you want without having to worry about space and you can have a small car. With one child you can pack for a weekend away in five minutes and find holiday accommodation much easier.

7. The Dreaded Family Pass

You are penalised for having one child because all family passes are for two kids! So often it can cost the same amount to have adventures and experiences as a family of four!

8. You’d Be Rich If…

You had a dollar for every time someone told you that your child must get lonely/bored/sad etc. Actually one mum told us her son said he was glad he didn’t have siblings he had to share all his things with.

9. Eye Roll

Every time you hear someone say “oh they must be an only child” you roll your eyes so hard you almost see your brain. Then you get cranky and have to stop yourself from giving that person a piece of your mind.

10. Less Devices

Unlike your friend with three or more kids, you only have to foot the bill for one iPad or laptop. Same goes for school fees, extra curriculum activities and book orders.

11. Babysitting

While your friends struggle to con their family members into minding their three young kids, you don’t have this problem. Grandparents adore having your one child and often for days at a time!

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