7 truths only mums with 3 or more kids know

The leap from two to three or more kids is massive, especially if you weren’t mentally prepared for being outnumbered by an army of rude and bossy mini-people that you created. In order to cope, we mums with three or more children have a unique way of viewing the world.

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For example, while some mums might dread dragging their kids to a doctor’s appointment, a mother with multiple children who doesn’t get out much counts it as an exciting outing where she can speak to other adults and amused a stack of kids for hours.

Here are 7 more truths only mums with three or more kids know

1. Three take away one equals bliss

Life is an absolute freaking picnic when one of your children is at a sleepover or their grandparents. Simply remove one kid from the family, it doesn’t matter which one, and the serenity it brings your household is immeasurable.

2. Mean looks

When another mother shoots you a look of disgust at the supermarket as you wrestle a Kinder Surprise egg out of the hand of your grumpy four-year-old, while your older children egg him on, it takes all your willpower not to throw the perfect mother an obscenely mean look.

3. Oldest kid appears even older

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Your oldest child appears about five years older than they actually are because they’ve only been the baby in the family for such a short period of time. In fact you look at your eight-year-old and could swear they have already morphed into a teenager.

4. It’s not fair!

Family passes are the biggest insult in the world because they are usually for just two adults and two kids, especially those cheap air and accommodation deals overseas. A family with three or more children will almost always need two rooms, groan.

5. You lie about youngest child’s age

You become very good at lying about your youngest child’s age in order to get them in to more places for free for longer. When you take them to theme parks you make the baby of the family sit in a stroller so they’ll pass for 3 and under!

6. The bigger the better

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You’ll find yourself aligning with families with three children or more because their lives are as hectic as yours and are completely aware of your fragile state of mind. They are also less judgy.

7. You give advice to strangers

On a bad day you’ll tell anyone who’ll listen, especially that calm looking mum with two kids, and the young checkout chick, that ONE child is the magic number and that anymore than that and their life will be OVER!

Remember, the next time you see a mum of three or more kids, just remember she’s doing her best and doesn’t need your judgement. Give her a smile, or a vat of wine!

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