How Amanda saved $5,000 and used it towards a house deposit after following The Healthy Mummy!

Not only has this amazing mum Amanda Grace lost 36kg in 10 months after signing up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, she’s also saved $5,000 and used that towards a deposit for a house!!!!
“In the last 16 months I’ve saved $5,000. With being careful and only buying exactly what my family need for the coming weeks food first and foremost shopping from what’s in the cupboards and freezer cooking in bulk helps the most,” she says.
How Amanda saved $5,000 and used it towards a house deposit after following The Healthy Mummy!

How Amanda has saved money

  • I buy things when they’re on sale and build a small stockpile and use it until it needs to be restocked – my top BUDGET tips are buy reduced or discounted items this saves quite a bit of money
  • Cook in bulk and freeze for meals when needed
  • Only shop for items that you need
“I love watching the savings grow it amazing that in that amount of time. I’ve been able to achieve this amount I feel fantastic about it,” she says.
“With my savings I have a big goal in plan for them it will eventually be enough for a home deposit.”

Mum makes 126 meals for $130 – that works out at just over $1 per serve!!!!

Amanda Grace has made a heap of recipes from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge! In total 126 servings and it only cost her $130.62. That works out at just over $1 per serving!!!

Best of all, they are all nutritious, healthy and family friendly.“Grand total for this prep was $130.62 budget as well as pantry staples, I’d say I’m winning!”Check out what she made below…

Mum makes 126 meals for $130 - that works out at just over $1 per serve!!!!


Amanda made 126 meals for just over $130!

The mum-of-seven has been following The Healthy Mummy since November 2020 and has dropped 35.3kg.

“I now have increased energy, sleep better and my mental health is back to where it should be,” she says.
“I feel so much better all round mentally and physically.” 

What Amanda made:

Hedgehog slice – 16 serves
Slow cooked mac and cheese – 8 serves
White chocolate and apricot slice -8 serves
Banana and cinnamon loaf – 16 serves
Profiteroles – 20 serves
Super food Rocky road – 24 serves
Rice cooked for fried rice – 8 serves
Cookie tart – 16 serves

Total serves: 126 

Amanda’s journey to better health

Amanda Grace is 41 from Adelaide and has seven children aged between 24 and three years old.

For Amanda, the defining moment for wanting to make a change to her physical health was finally facing a mirror. It had a huge impact on her.

She shares, “I never ever looked at myself in the mirror and one day two months ago I made myself look and I really didn’t like what I saw and that made me want to change my life.”

That change was joining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge as a Platinum member.

Amanda has lost 36 kilos in 10 months and is feeling fantastic!

I’m in a better mood, in general, do not need to nana nap throughout the day anymore and am finding my self more motivated and determined to achieve my goals.”

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