Healthy Mummy Investigates: Is Apple Cider Vinegar Worth the Hype?

Our Healthy Mummy nutritionist reveals how apple cider vinegar can benefit your health and its pretty impressive. Able to be consumed many ways too!
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There’s a LOT of hype around apple cider vinegar, and it seems for good reason.

So many people claim it has many benefits, from healing a sore throat to heartburn during pregnancy. Apparently, this magic-like liquid can target your problem areas, one fiery sip at a time. But is it ACTUALLY good for us?

What it specifically targets

Healthy Mummy nutritionist Cheree is a HUGE advocate for this fermented liquid, which contains enzymes, probiotics, and is also antibacterial.

“It literally can do dozens of things for your health,” she says. “When I first used it, I was a singer, and it is amazing for sore throats and vocal health. I used to have 1 tsp every day and gargle it before and after gigs. Funnily enough, at the time I did this, my skin was amazing, my hair shiny, my eyes sparkled and I felt amazing.”

Apple cider vinegar also alters your pH levels to make your body less acidic, this increases metabolism, increases bile production, supports weight loss, lowers cholesterol, helps decrease blood sugars and blood pressure. AMAZING!

It’s also great for pregnancy issues too. Cheree reveals she also used apple cider vinegar when she had heartburn during pregnancy as it’s great for reflux or digestive issues.

Image of Apple Cider Vinegar

How best to consume it

There are a few ways to get the benefits:

  • Use it as a salad dressing combined with extra virgin olive oil
  • Take in a tablet form if you don’t like the taste (Healthy Mummy ACV Tablets)!
  • Drink 1-2 teaspoons in a small glass water
  • Cheree would make a vocal tonic which is similar to the fire cider recipes that are trending now by infusing apple cider vinegar with thyme, garlic, ginger, chilli and lemon and then sweetening with honey. She says you can shoot this down by adding 10ml to 20ml water or you can combine 10ml in a mug of warm water and sip
  • Put 1-2 tsp in your water bottle and sip throughout the day.

If you have never had apple cider vinegar before, start by having a small amount in warm water (not too hot or boiling as it will destroy the good bacteria) and sweeten with manuka honey or stevia.

The warm water will make it a bit more palatable for the beginner and stevia will take the edge off!

How often to have it

  • 2-5ml or a single ACV tablet once a day for a general health booster
  • Take 2.5-5ml or a ACV tablet in a small glass of water prior to meals to get digestive benefits, to help reduce blood sugars or prevent reflux
  • For a sore throat or heartburn gargle as required and have 5ml per hour if needed
  • When sick increase to 5-10ml.

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Here’s more on how apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight.

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