Is your child gifted? Here are 10 signs to look for

As parents, we all like to think our children are special. But how do you know if your little one is exceptionally advanced for their age?
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As parents, we all like to think our children are gifted – and they all are exceptional in their own unique way.

But how do you know if your little one is exceptionally advanced for their age?

Experts reveal there are some signs to look out for to know whether you have a budding genius in your brood.

baby solving puzzle

10 signs to look for to determine whether your child is going to become a child genius

1. Always ahead of developmental milestones

Compared to the other children you know, do you find your little one is reaching his developmental milestones, such as smiling, crawling and walking, ahead of the other babies? This could be a sign your baby is advanced for his age, but if you find your baby isn’t reaching all of his milestones, it doesn’t mean he isn’t intelligent.

Developmental milestones are just a guide. Some babies never crawl and go straight to walking. Now that is pretty impressive!

2. Has a good memory

By the age of nine months, most intelligent children have the ability of remember things – like how a certain toy works or where they left something. Being able to learn quickly and being a problem solver is a great sign of intelligence.

playing blocks

3. Makes connections

Your baby may know that you keep his treats in the pantry at your house, but if he is gifted, he will make the connection and point towards the pantry at a friend’s house. Even if there is a different layout.

4. Trouble sleeping

Intelligent children may find it hard to unwind and therefore sleep well at night. Intelligent children have a constant need for mental stimulation and because their brain is constantly working over time, learning new skills, it may cause them to find it difficult to unwind easily.

Experts claim smarter babies need less sleep.

5. He/she is extremely alert

If your baby is always looking around and mimicking sounds this may be a sign that he or she is going to be a star in the classroom.

6. Sensitive to sounds and smells

If your child reacts to the smallest sound and tastes, it may be a sign they are extremely in tune with the world around them.

clever baby

7. Great language skills

Kids with a highly developed vocabulary and a need to speak quickly, as well as asking lots of questions is a telltale sign your child has a zest for knowledge.

8. In touch with their emotions

Gifted children tend to be more emotionally intense than others. They may also be more empathetic than other children their age.

child crossing road

9. Is active

Talented children appear to have endless energy and higher activity levels. They have a need to explore their environment.

10. Takes charge of situations

Intelligent people are natural leaders, so if your child is taking charge and not shy in social situations this may be a sign they are gifted.

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Please note: a baby does not need to have all of these traits to be gifted, but most intelligent children at least display some of these traits. 

But if your child isn’t ‘gifted’ in the conventional way, he may excel at other things – and that’s what makes all kids special.

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