From Athena to Troy: 36 baby names inspired by ancient mythology

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Many ancient mythological names (a.k.a. ones given to Roman and Greek gods and goddesses) are utterly stunning and some also work great in modern times.

And they’re not just names like Zeus, monikers such as Phoebe, Jason, Venus and Gaia stem back from these ancient times.

Here are 36 baby names inspired by ancient mythology…

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18 baby names for girls inspired by mythology

1. Aphrodite

The Greek goddess of love.

2. Artemis

The Greek goddess of hunting and wild animals.

3. Athena

In ancient Greece, Athena was the name of the daughter of Zeus. She was the goddess of wisdom and warfare.

4. Carman

Carman was the Celtic goddess of destructive magic.

5. Ceres

She was a Roman goddess of agriculture.

6. Cressida

A heroine from the Trojan War story.

7. Cybelle

Roman goddess and mother of the gods.

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8. Demetra

Greek goddess of the harvest.

9. Freya

The Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

10. Gaia

Gaia was goddess of the Earth in ancient Greece.

11. Larisa

Larisa was the daughter of Pelasgus in Greek legend.

12. Medea

In Greek mythology, Medea helped Jason and the Argonauts.

13. Melaina

Melaina was a nymph in Greek mythology.

14. Phoebe

In ancient Greek religion, Phoebe was one of the first generation of Titans. She was the daughter of Uranus and Gaia.

15. Sabrina

Sabrina was a Celtic river goddess.

16. Selene

The Greek goddess of the moon.

17. Thalia

A muse of comedy and poetry.

18. Theia

A Greek Titan.

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18 baby names for boys inspired by mythology

1. Ajax

Ajax was a mythological Greek hero.

2. Angus

A Celtic god of love, young and poetic inspiration.

3. Ara

Ara was the name of a king in Armenian mythology.

4. Ares

Greek god of war.

5. Apollo

The twin Greek god of Artemis.

6. Cadmus

Greek mythological hero who founded the city of Thebes.

7. Dylan

Legendary Celtic sea god.

8. Evander

Roman mythological hero who founded the city before it became Rome.


9. Finn

The name of an Irish folk hero, Finn MacCool.

10. Jason

Greek mythological hero, Jason and the Argonauts.

11. Hector

The Greek mythological hero of the Trojan War.

12. Hermes

Greek god of travel.

13. Jove

King of the Roman gods, also known as Jupiter.

14. Mars

Roman god of war.

15. Odin

Norse god of art, wisdom, culture and law.

16. Tristan

Celtic legendary dragon slayer.

17. Troy

From the legendary Greek city. The name means ‘descendant of foot soldier’.

18. Zephyrus

Zephyrus was the ancient Greek god of the west wind.

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