The best way to lose weight is with your “bestie”

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Two of our mums from the Healthy Mummy Community share how working together has helped them stay on track with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“Meal prep is so much more fun when you do it with a good friend. Today I teamed up with my “Healthy Mummy Bestie” and we made 71 meals for our freezer stash.”

The best way to lose weight is with your “bestie”

Meet Kristie and Billie, two Healthy Mummy’s from Hervey Bay in Queensland, they have three children between the ages of 3 to 16.

Kristie says “Meal prep is so much more fun when you do it with a good friend. Today I teamed up with my “Healthy Mummy Bestie”, Billie for a huge meal prep.

“We both planned the meals we wanted to make – how many serves etc & wrote up the shopping list.

“All up we spent $120, $60 each, including 100 Chinese takeaway containers which we found in bulk for cheap.

“I can’t wait to do it all again next month & see if we can save more money!”

Why it’s better to do it together?

Kristie says, “We were both off-track food wise after Christmas. So we decided the best way to keep each other accountable was to do a bulk meal prep.

“Meal prepping together with a friend is so much more fun. Plus theirs the added bonus of saving money.

“It has helped me start my freezer stockpile and has now motivated me to keep adding to that stock. It also helps me with the afternoon rush, my son who has ASD wants dinner then & there.”

What Billie and Kristie made:

“It took us just over 5 hours to prep 71 meals at a total cost of each serve $1.60.”

All the recipes are available on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Billie and Kristie’s top tips for meal prep

  • Have a plan.
  • Chose the meals.
  • Do a shopping list.
  • Plan each step – write it down.
  • Grate, dice, chop all the veggies at once, it makes it much quicker.

Kristie’s story

Kristie, 32, has been following Healthy Mummy since 2017. She shares, “I’m obsessed with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app, the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, and everything Healthy Mummy.

“I did lose 15 kgs in the first year. But due to a bad break up, I fell off track. I’m slowly working my way back.

“Since following The Healthy Mummy my mental health has improved. I’m more active + have the energy to play with my son.”

Kristie’s favourite Healthy Mummy snack is the Cherry ripe bliss balls

Kristie adds, “The Healthy Mummy community is amazing, I’ve made lifetime friendships. And knowing that at any time of the day you can jump on & find the answers I need and the support is incredible.”

Billie’s story

Billie, 37, has stalked the Healthy Mummy Facebook pages for ages until she signed up for lifetime membership when it was first released.

Billie shares, “I originally lost 10kg however after becoming complacent I have put most of that weight back on so I am on a restart journey.

“I have kept my PCOS at bay and I just feel much better in myself (ie happier and more confident) which is great as I love spending time at the beach now.

“I love the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app as a whole as it is so simple to use. The recipe hub is my favorite becasue I can just type in what I have and bam I have a delicious healthy meal ready in no time.

“The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are great for busy mornings and taste amazing.”

Billie’s favourite Healthy Mummy snack is Blueberry teacake and her fave meals are Stovetop lasagna and Creamy ravioli.

Billie’s tips for other mums:

  • Keep it simple and do what works for you.
  • Don’t compare to other people, we are all different.
  • Stay consistent, motivation comes and goes but if you are consistent it becomes a habit.

Billie adds, “I love The Healthy Mummy community as it is all about empowering each other and as my favorite saying goes “Empowered women empower women” so I’d like to think we are all empowered women in this community.”


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