This is why bloating occurs and this is how you can manage it

Healthy Mummy Crystal asked how to manage her bloating on our Facebook groups and the responses were amazing! We list the best ones to beat the bloat!
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Healthy Mummy, Crystal Guerassimoff posted on The Healthy Mummy Facebook Support Group calling out for assistance on bloating.

Something we as women, experience more often than not and can be for a number of reasons.

Crystal said, “Every time I eat and ten times worse at night … it’s uncomfortable it hurts makes me feel huge.”

Here, we are answering those questions and share how you can beat the bloat!

Source: Crystal Guerassimoff
Source: Crystal Guerassimoff

Bloating is usually related to what and how we eat, but there are other reasons too. So if you’re trying to lose weight and are fed up with feeling like you have a food baby, check out these reasons why you may be feeling bloated.

Here are 6 common reasons why you could be feeling bloated:

  1. You’re eating the wrong foods
  2. You’re choosing fizzy drinks instead of water
  3. You’re eating too fast
  4. You’re not exercising enough
  5. You’re overeating
  6. You’re on your period
Source: Ash Logan
Source: Ash Logan

Here are the top tips mums from The Healthy Mummy Community have for boating!

1. Kate Lockyer says, Apple cider vinegar is fantastic.” Try our NEW Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets coming soon!

2. Kerilee Fisher says, Go see a dietician. Don’t eliminate any food groups until you do. They are most qualified to give you advice.” 

Healthy Mummy tip: Also, heavy and carb-rich foods, especially those with a high GI, are the primary food-based cause of bloating. Try and steer clear of these kinds of foods and instead fill your plate with goodies like bananas, tomatoes, spinach and nuts. 

3. Naomi Rumble, said, I also have to have a probiotic every day.” 

Healthy Mummy tip: Probiotic supplements, are designed to keep your bowels regular and prevent bloating. Also getting tested for IBS could be a good idea.

4. Lecia Baskerville says, I have IBS exactly what it sounds like. Peppermint tea and walking really help ease it for me.” 

Healthy Mummy tip: Exercise is great for digestion and effective digestion is the key to avoiding a puffy belly.

5. Judy Mitchell says, I have had similar symptoms to you and since having squeezed lemon juice in warm water with two apple cider vinegar tablets when I first get up and then about 1/2 an hour later I mix up my Super Greens, Immune powder and Tummy powder in water.”

6. Krystal Judd says, “If you have endo that is one of the main symptoms regardless of being on your monthly. I suffer with it every few days too. Diet plays a massive part to flare-ups.” 

Healthy Mummy tip: If you tend to puff up right before your period is due, try upping your calcium and magnesium. Both nutrients have been found to have a positive impact on reducing PMS symptoms, including bloating.

7. Samantha Holmlund says, “Slippery elm helps with digestion or turmeric. It’s really good for the gut and helps prevent bloating.”

Healthy Mummy tip: This golden spice is one of the best anti-inflammatories out there. Try our spiced chickpea nourish bowl for a cleansing, belly-bloating meal!

This mum beat the bloat AND toned her stomach!

Feeling bloated?

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