The BEST disposable nappies for absorption and leakage

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Are you happy with the nappies you are using for your bub? Choice has tested 14 newborn, 19 infant and 13 crawler disposable nappies to see which are the ‘best’ in Australia.

The leading consumer advocacy group tested 46 different nappies in a laboratory and ranked them based on the following criteria:

  • Quickly absorb liquid
  • Leaked during our test
  • Stay damp at the surface
  • Have a strong velcro fastening to keep them secure

baby nappy being changed

The Best Of The Best Nappies

“We want disposable nappies to be comfortable for our babies and gentle on their skin, but most importantly we want them to be absorbent and to avoid leakages,” the Choice report reads.

“Our nappies buying guide will help you work out what to look for, and how we test explains our testing rigour.”


Choice’s winners:

Newborn category (2-5kg)

new baby nappies
Pampers. Source: Supplied

WINNER: Pampers has been crowned the winner of the newborn category, being 91 per cent effective.

SECOND PLACE: Nannys Flexicare nabbed the second spot at 89 per cent.

THIRD PLACE: Aldi’s Mamia Supafit came in third place at 88 per cent.

Infant category (5-9kg)

Source: Choice

WINNER: Pampers was given 89 per cent.

SECOND PLACE: Bambini (82 per cent).

THIRD PLACE: Muumi Midi came in third place at 81 per cent.

Crawler (97-13kg)

Source: Choice

WINNER: Ecorignials and Huggies Crawlers for boys and girls were in joint place in 77 per cent.

SECOND PLACE: Pandsa by Luvme were given 75 per cent in second place.

Source: Choice

Expensive isn’t always better

Meanwhile, the results showed that nappies from Coles and Aldi were just as, if not more, effective than better known brands like Huggies – which are a lot more expensive!

“While many parents prefer to splash cash on big brand names, the less expensive products really clean up,” says Choice head of media Tom Godfrey.

“Although Huggies appear to account for, on average, half of all nappies used, families may be surprised to learn that some of the cheaper options can be just as good.”

Very interesting!

For more ways to save, check out this blog on ten simple ways for you to save on nappies.

Meanwhile, here are 18 essentials mums need in their nappy bag.

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