10 simple ways to save money on nappies

There are no two ways around it – nappies are not only necessary for your baby, they can also be very expensive!

While some parents opt to save money by using cloth ones, there are other ways to save your precious dollars.

baby lying on white sheet and holding his legs

10 simple ways to save money on nappies

1. Save coupons

A pair of scissors laying on top of coupons and money. (note: coupons were created by photographer with own photographs)

Keep your eye on money saving websites like Groupon and Scoopon for some great deals. It may also be worth saving up your Flyby/ Nectar/ Priceline points to purchase nappies when you can.

2. Take your time to switch sizes

Neat piles of disposable diapers

The bigger the nappies gets, the more they tend cost – and most come with a suggested weight per size.

Sometimes the smaller sizes will still fit your baby for a few more weeks, even if they have gone up a few grams. Just make sure bubs is comfortable.

3. Don’t stock up on too many newborn sizes

FINALLY There is a Nappy For Premature Newborns Weighing Under 1Kg
Source: Huggies.com

Saying that, babies grow fast, so make sure you don’t stock up on too many newborn sizes as they’ll go to waste unless you hold onto them and use for baby number 2.

Did you know there are finally nappies available for premature babies? Click here to find out more.

4. Use cloth nappies

They may be a bit more hard work, but by reverting to cloth nappies – even only a couple of times a week – you’ll save heaps of dollars.

These days, there are so many brands to choose from and many just have useable inserts that need to be washed.

5. Switch to cloth wipes

Cute baby boy on white background.

Nappies aren’t the only thing that come in cloth. You can save money by using cloth wipes or cutting a towel into small squares and rewashing it over and over again.

6. Stockpile

Stockpile nappies
Source: Twitter

When you see a deal in the store, bulk buy! It’ll save your wallet in the long run.

7. Be careful with how you put them on


By taking time to put the nappy on firmly, you’ll avoid leaks and going through more nappies.

8. Change brands for cheaper deals

Mother with her boy in the supermarket

Be willing to by generic or other brands to help maximise your savings.

9. Hold a nappy-themed baby shower

Diaper Cake

Request friends only bring nappy cake presents to your baby shower / kid’s first birthday! This may sound a bit cheeky, but it’ll save people buying things your little one won’t need.

10. Try out samples

Bounty Bag
Source: Bounty Bags

Some doctors/ baby and children fares give away free samples of nappies, so make sure you load up.

You’ll also get some nappies in your Bounty Bags at the doctors and hospital before and when you give birth.

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