Check out this dad’s ‘tips’ on how to help your partner through pregnancy

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During pregnancy women often rely on their partner’s support to get them through the tiredness and the sickness.

So we couldn’t stop laughing when this dad posted a HILARIOUS parody for dads on how to support their loved ones while they were expecting.

Check out the comical video below…


What not to do!

How to DAD star, who is based in New Zealand, came up with a host of ridiculous tips such as ‘picking out maternity outfits’, ‘helping to choose the baby’s name’, ‘baby proofing the house’ and ‘indulging in wacky pregnancy cravings’ in the clip.


However, How to DAD’s solution to ‘baby proofing’ the house is to wrap cellophane around his flat screen TV, he suggests the name Bob – or different variants of it over and over – and ends up being sick in the sink after eating tuna and bananas together. YUK!


Meanwhile, How to DAD does a not so great job of putting together the baby furniture and choosing bub’s first outfit too. LOL.

“The video has been received really well, it’s had over one million views,” the Kiwi star tells The Healthy Mummy.

Check out the video here:

Thanks How to DAD for giving us permission for sharing your story!

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