This mum made an IMPRESSIVE healthy Christmas lunch

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Healthy Mummy Mum Kerrie O’Brien shares her QUICK and EASY meal prep to help you stay on track with your weight loss goals during the festive season.

She also shares how to quickly put together an impressive, healthy Christmas luncheon when you don’t have a  lot of time.

Check out what Kerrie made below…


How this mum made a HEALTHY Christmas lunch

Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Kerrie is always impressing us with her quick and easy approach to meal prep that is helping her to achieve HUGE weight loss success. And the holiday season is no exception.

20kg weight loss

Kerrie says “I’m a 49 year old mum of 2 children, 10 & 12. I’m a full time homeschooling mum and part time worker in businesses with my husband and in my own online business.

With no family support around apart from my husband, I feel forever time poor. But thanks to The Healthy Mummy I have lost 20kgs in 2.5 years following the 28 Day Challenges, using the Smoothies & Supplements and by following the Healthy Mummy App exercises at home”.

With her hectic life it is understandable that Kerrie has learned to optimize her time in the kitchen and become a master of easy and quick meal prep.  The results of her regular meal prepping speaks for itself. Wow! What a transformation!

Meal prep


Kerrie says “Just a small yet effective meal prep for this week as we roll towards Christmas.

I did a bit on Friday and a bit today as we were away from home all day yesterday.

With the help of my daughter today this is what we got done to see us through until Friday as then we are off on holiday:

3 x serves Peanut Butter Overnight Oats
2 x serves Berry Coconut Pudding
12 x Vanilla Christmas Cupcakes (non HM)
24 x Christmas Shortbread Cookies (non HM)
20 x serves Almond & Peanut Butter Fudge
4 x 1/2 cup serves low fat yoghurt
5 x hard boiled eggs
500g x baby cucumbers washed chopped
250g x chopped carrot sticks in water
5 x 50g portions cherry tomatoes
5 x 25 g portions brown rice crackers
4 x serves Vita Weats 9 grain crackers
3 x serves Baby Spinach
3 x serves Feta cubes and weighed
6 x various Smoothie recipe dry ingredients

Just good basics to keep us on track plus some yummy homemade treats for the kids and for Christmas entertaining this week”.

A delicious and healthy Christmas luncheon


With just a few additions to her basic meal prep which was done over her weekend Kerrie was able to serve up an Impressive Christmas lunch with minimal effort. Feast your eyes on this!.

It’s so EASY and delicious, you will want to try it for yourself!.

Guacamole and vegetable platter


What is easier to make than a basic vegetable platter and guacamole?.  Not much!  A fantastic healthy snack to have at home when entertaining or to take to a friends house.

Vanilla cupcakes


No Christmas luncheon would be complete without some sweet treats.  Simple cupcakes made at home are a great choice as you know exactly what is going in to them and can control the amount of sweetener used.

Making them at home can also save you money and unnecessary calories. And by the time you deal with supermarket parking… time too!  And you know they are going to taste great!.

There are a huge range of cupcake recipes in the Healthy Mummy recipe hub.  To access join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge or check out the free Low Sugar Choc-Chip Cupcake recipe.

Almond butter fudge and bliss balls


A plate of fudge and an assortment of bliss balls for the win – make these anytime and keep them in the freezer for unexpected drop-ins.  Want some inspiration for bliss balls. Read 10 bliss ball recipes – each under 100 calories.

Mom Kerrie O’Brien says “Fabulous Fast Fantastic Fudge in 5 minutes! I made this for the very first time yesterday and oh my deliciousness it’s AMAZING!

It is an amazing super quick delicious recipe for you to make, that is perfect for the Christmas season.

If you love fudge then you will love this one! And at 20 serves in 5 minutes it’s a win win all round Almond Butter Fudge. 

I used 1/2 almond butter and 1/2 crunchy peanut butter instead of all almond butter and it is just SO. GOOD. The “ I am going to have to stop myself from eating the whole container good!”


Just had one piece with a decaf coffee and I cut it into tiny pieces and savored every little mouthful.

Seriously if you love fudge you have to make this!”.

To access the recipe Join the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Assortment of chopped fruit


Undoubtably one of the best things about this season is the wide variety of fresh fruits available.  Who can resist some sweet and refreshing fruit after their meal?.

Prawn and avocado salad


Meals need not be complicated.  With a handful of prawns and some avocado on a basic garden salad you have all the flavours of Christmas.

And it’s nutrient rich and loaded with fats and protein to keep you fuller longer.

Cucumber stacks


For a simple and colourful festive snack the feta, cucumber and tomato stacks hit the mark.

Kerrie says “As luck would have it one of the recipes in the meal plan is the Cucumber Stacks and I made these yesterday for guests for a pre Christmas celebration. They are SO easy and delicious!”.

I have been lucky enough to get a peek at the meal plan for January and it looks AMAZING! Lots of awesome easy recipes that you will love”.

The Healthy Mummy team would like to thank Kerrie for once again inspiring us to

Want more healthy Holiday food ideas? Read Christmas treat makeovers to save you HUNDREDS of calories but still taste AMAZING

5 Cocktails & Mocktails For Christmas & New Years Celebrations all under 100 calories

From all of us at The Healthy Mummy, we wish you happy and healthy Christmas and New Year!


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