See what 30kg weight loss looks like for 6 different mums

Ever wondered what 30kg weight loss looks like? Check out 6 GORGEOUS mums who have all lost 30kg with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
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Being overweight can lead to a range of health issues and negatively impact your self-esteem and confidence. Losing a significant amount of weight can feel overwhelming and impossible to achieve.

You’ve tried numerous diets and weight loss programs in the past, only to end up feeling frustrated and disappointed with the lack of results. It’s disheartening to put in so much effort without seeing the desired outcome.

The Healthy Mummy provides inspiration on how to lose 30 kg in a healthy and sustainable way. With expert advice, nutritious recipes, workout plans, and a supportive community, you can finally achieve your weight loss goals and transform your life. Embrace this opportunity to take control of your health and start thriving with The Healthy Mummy.

Below we are celebrating 6 INSPIRING mums who have each achieved 30kg weight loss with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

If you have ever wondered what 30kg weight loss looks like, this is for you. Just as each of these mums are completely unique, so have been their mental and physical transformations.

What they all share in common however, is their commitment to living a Healthy Mummy lifestyle and an increase in happiness and confidence since losing 30kg! BIG CONGRATULATIONS to these AMAZING mums below.

The Healthy Mummy program is designed to help mums of all shapes and sizes achieve their weight loss goals and live their happiest and healthiest lives.

Whether you are looking to lost 5kg or 100kg we can help you. To get started sign up to our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

Here are just a few of our wonderful mums who share 30kg weight loss results.

1. Bec Lusty


Having thought she was destined to be the ‘big’ girl all her life Bec has now lost 30kgs and says “I feel amazing. 

I love the food and the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and not to mention the support of so many inspiring women.

This has been a lifestyle change for me and I’m not done yet.

I have seriously never felt better in my life. Size 18-20 to a now size 10-12.”

Read more about Bec’s weight loss journey here.

2. Ashleigh Anning


Ashleigh Anning lost 30kg in 12 months following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

She says “I am a single mum of two little girls who are fussy and hate trying new things (much like their mother haha).

I’ve easily been able to adjust my meal plan each week to suit our families needs.

I used to think being healthy was so expensive but with The Healthy Mummy I’ve learned to meal plan and prep so that I use up all of my ingredients.”

Read about her transformation and the sexy reward she gave herself on reaching her goal of 30kg.

3. Skye Knox

Skye lost 30kg in 11 months following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

She says “I was post knee surgery, a newly single mum, living on anti anxiety medication and dealing with the issues left from a broken marriage.

I was in a friends wedding and I looked at the photos and couldn’t recognise myself.

Nothing would fit and I wasn’t happy with my body in any way”.

In just 11 months Skye had lost almost 30kg!

She says “My mind is free, my health is the best it’s ever been, I’m active, loving single mum life and better yet I’m medication free!

The Healthy Mummy has truly saved my life, this programme works and I swear by it!”

Read about Skye’s weight loss journey and battle with anxiety.

3. Andrea Dixon

Andrea says “I’ve lost 30kgs* (down from 93kgs to 63kgs) with The Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

As a breastfeeding Mumma I use the smoothies twice a day as well as the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipes. 

With four kids, running a business and studying they are a lifesaver as they are quick and easy and taste amazing.

They also ensure that I am having something nutritious which is super important while I am breastfeeding.

I have used the smoothies while breastfeeding my two youngest.”

4. Hannah Pech


Mum-of-five Hannah Pech has lost a massive 30kgs in just 12 months and couldn’t be happier.

She says “I started The Healthy Mummy to better myself. Not for anyone but me.

I’ve gained so much but what my family has gained is even more!

I hid behind the excuse that I “had 5 kids in 6 years”.

Now, 30kg lighter down from 105kg down to 75kg she says “I now stand with pride and say “I’ve had 5 kids in 6 years.

Same statement but totally different mindset!”.

Check out her amazing transformation and the countless ways her life has changed since becoming a Healthy Mummy mum.

5. Alicia Whitbread

Pictured here Alicia was just celebrating 30kg weight loss.  She says “I am PROUD of who I am and finally feeling like my old self again.

I might have lost weight, over 100 CMS and 4 dress sizes but what I have gained back is MYSELF, my confidence, my pride and that is worth so much more to me”.

Alicia has since lost a further 2kg.

6. Court Davis

Court says “My fitness journey is never been an easy one it’s been plagued by mental health issues and numerous health setbacks.

12 over months ago when I join The Healthy Mummy I never would have dreamt the person I’d be today it ignited a fire in my belly that I never knew I had! 

I only ever used to sponsor a gym. I’d sign up to go once and then that’d be it until my contract was up and I’d cancel. Now the gym is a massive part of my life and I’m there five days a week.

Yesterday I completed my biggest transformation to date I set a new PB my deadlifts of 125 kg. I can officially deadlift more than I weigh.

I am 30 kilos lighter and a far happier person than I was before.

I’m a new person a better mum and a better wife. If I can do it anybody can.”

Congratulations to these mums for all they have achieved already and we will be waiting to see them kick even more goals in the future.

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