Lauren reveals that she has had a whirlwind transformation but is just loving her new life!

With a combination of following a healthy eating plan as well as exercise, this mum has managed to keep the weight off and has had a whirlwind transformation.
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Lauren Kolstad has had a whirlwind transformation since she joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge three years ago. With a combination of following a healthy eating plan as well as exercise, Lauren has managed to keep the 27kg she has lost with the help of The Healthy Mummy off and maintained her healthy life.

Lauren reveals she is now living a healthier and happier lifestyle

For most of her life, Lauren has been an emotional eater. “I am the definition of an emotional eater – you name it, I would eat because of it,” she says.  “For most of my life the exercise or physical activity I was doing would counterbalance this aspect of my eating, but as I got older and especially after having my son, this was less and less the case.”

Lauren would hide behind humour and a smile but inside she would be frustrated, angry and bitter. “Losing weight has not ‘fixed me’ but taking control of my lifestyle by making healthy changes, eating better and exercising regularly has” she says.

Lauren Kolstad

 Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand

When you decide you want to live a healthier lifestyle, you’re probably more likely to get better long-term results when you start combining healthy eating with an increase in your physical activity.

But sometimes, it can be difficult to find the time to exercise when you’re a busy mum and if you are a busy mum who is working.

If you’re following our healthy eating and exercise plans, then you will know there are always ways to get around finding the time to exercise. And this is exactly what Lauren endeavoured to achieve. She realised that with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, the workout videos are created specifically for you to do in the comfort of your own home!

Lauren says she was always a sporty teenager – she was a national swimmer and played state basketball.  She was never into running but always wanted to do a race. Trying to achieve this goal is part of what started her on her exercise journey.

“Before The Healthy Mummy, I always thought exercise was planned, an hour at a time, with equipment,” she says, “I never exercised at home (then again I rarely exercised at all!).”

“I couldn’t run more than a few metres without feeling like I was going to spew and pass out at the same time,” she reveals.

“I struggled to run around after my son. I couldn’t do things with him that I wanted to, like take him to the park.”

Lauren says despite being sporty when she was younger, her active lifestyle soon went south and she found herself gorging on junk food. “Then I joined The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and found a fab, easy, busy mum suitable way to exercise and found my healthy!” 

Lauren soon found herself getting fitter and faster and achieved her dream of finishing an entire triathlon! Lauren says she now LOVES to exercise at home. You can pretty much use whatever you have around you – kids! Kids toys. Home furniture. Squats holding your 25kg son and 14kg daughter.”

“Push-ups with added weight. Double plank with your son on top!” she explains.

“The options are endless.” 

lauren kolstad exercises

Loving the exercise

“I’m loving the exercise – I remember my first 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, I was struggling to get through a whole minute of each exercise and I gave it everything I had just to do the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge exercises each day.”

“This 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, I do boot camp 2-3x per week, run 5km once a week and try and fit a Healthy Mummy Exercise DVD session in as well as do the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge exercises.”

“My fitness level has improved so much and yet I still find the exercises challenging and a great workout!”

Lauren says she is eating amazing food and losing weight. “What could be better! Here’s to finishing off this month with a bang, I can’t wait to look and feel amazing next month.”

Lauren adds: “If it wasn’t for The Healthy Mummy, I wouldn’t know all of the things I can achieve….I would still be telling myself ‘I can’t’.”

“The weight loss has certainly made me happier and more emotionally balanced and for that, I’ll be forever grateful to The Healthy Mummy and the wonderful ladies in the closed Facebook group.”

Weight loss cannot be measured by scales alone

Weight loss cannot always be measured by the number of kilos you see going down on the scales.

“If I went by kilos alone, I would’ve given up by now,” she says. “Any progress towards my goal is a win!”

Lauren has reached her goal weight. She has had a healthy second pregnancy and says while the scales haven’t been changing lately, her body certainly has.

“I recently had a body scan done and my body fat percentage has dropped but my muscle mass has stayed the same,” she says.

Six ways Lauren measures her transformation success

1. Her undies and clothes


“I’ve gone down an undies size and my dress sizes have also gone down heaps too,” reveals Lauren.

2. My skin glows


“Before I became a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member my skin was dry and in bad condition. Now it’s healthy and rosy because of all the good nutrients I’m putting into my body.”

3. I have more energy than ever before


“I felt so lethargic and tired before, but now I have the energy to run around after my nearly five year old and my one and a half-year-old, even when they wake me at the crack of dawn!”

4. I am stronger


“I can deadlift 140kg and run 5km. I’m working on a handstand push-up also. All of these things I would’ve never dreamed of doing before.”

5. I love having my picture taken


“I was the one taking the pictures a few years ago. Now, I love being in the pictures with my family or on my own!”

6. I enjoy shopping for clothes

dress 2

“Before, clothes shopping was only something I did when I had to. Usually, if I had outgrown something. Now, it’s something I enjoy doing and I love the outfits I’m wearing.”

Thank you Lauren for sharing your story and well done on your success!

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