WOW! Mum Melissa celebrates her 37kg weight loss with STUNNING boudoir photoshoot!

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Mum Melissa Timmer recently shared with The Healthy Mummy community some of her STUNNING photos from a boudoir shoot she had done to celebrate her 37kg weight loss and commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

And Wow! Boy did she sizzle!

Read her incredible weight loss journey below.


Melissa’s Healthy Mummy weight loss journey

Melissa first joined The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges back in 2017 and has been living a healthy mummy lifestyle ever since.

She says “My starting weight 107kg. 


Weight Loss Results – 37kg

“It took me 9 months to lose my weight. 

My starting weight in March 2017 was 107 kg. By December 2017 I had lost 35kg and was at my goal weight of 72kg.  By November 2018, I had lost 37kg total.

I have been toning and muscle building the last 2 years”.

It took about 2 years before Melissa’s partner adopted the Healthy Mummy lifestyle and he then lost 13 kg in 10 weeks and has just been maintaining that ever since.


Melissa says “I am super proud of him and the choices he has made with changing his food and what he chooses to drink now. No more soft drinks, only water and he will have the Healthy Mummy protein shakes and Healthy Mummy smoothies.

We both eat the Healthy Mummy snacks and meals and I train 5 days a week and he does about 2-3.

Now that we train together and are on the same page it’s bought us so much closer because we have something that we both love and can talk about.

Combined weight loss over 50 kg gone thanks to The Healthy Mummy for giving us the knowledge and the support.

We live and breathe a healthy lifestyle.

My Healthy Mummy journey is coming up to 3 years although I feel like it’s just my way of living now”.

Read some valuable advice from Melissa about weight loss.

Celebrating weight loss with a boudoir photoshoot

“For Xmas I gifted myself a special photo shoot to celebrate ME” says Melissa.

“I did it for my confidence and because I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now.

It ended up being easier and turned out so much better than what I expected it to be”.

“It made me appreciate my body and what it has done for me”


“I was a little nervous before hand but once I got started I relaxed and it was all worth it.

The shoot gave me a huge confidence boost and really made me appreciate my body and what it has done for me.

If anything, The Healthy Mummy has taught me to step out of my comfort zone because you will never regret it. The only thing I would have regretted would be wondering ‘what if’?”.

“My partner cried when I gave him the album”


We asked Melissa about her expectations for the shoot and how she felt afterwards and she said “The shoot turned out better than what I thought and my partner actually cried when I gave him the album”.

Melissa and her partner really are the definition of couple goals.  Both committed to living their happiest and healthiest lives – we couldn’t be prouder of them.

Melissa’s advice to other mum’s thinking of doing a boudoir shoot

“Any mums wanting a little boost or to do something nice for themselves – don’t worry about flabby bits or that you are not at your goal weight because you will amaze yourself at just how gorgeous you are.

Put yourself in the hands of a professional and give yourself some pampering”.

Excellent advice Melissa!. Congratulations on achieving your weight loss goal and thank you for INSPIRING so many other mums to live their happiest and healthiest lives!

What a wonderful gift you treated yourself too and VERY much deserved. You look absolutely STUNNING!

At the Healthy Mummy we are all about empowering mums to be body confident and it turns out Melissa isn’t the only Healthy Mummy mum celebrating her weight loss with a photoshoot. Check out these other mums who are celebrating weight loss with a photoshoot.

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