Read how The Healthy Mummy helped this Motivational Mum through a rough patch in her life.

This lovely mum says her life has changed for the better since she joined The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. She says The Healthy Mummy helped her when she was finding life difficult.
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Ashley Jordan-Crane says her life has changed for the better since she joined The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. She says The Healthy Mummy helped her when she was finding life difficult.
asley jordan crane

This is Ashley’s story

“I have been using The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for around two years and have lost 15kg within the first nine months and kept it off since!”

Ashley says she was added to The Healthy Mummy support group by a friend and she thought to herself, “what an amazing community, these ladies are all so inspirational!”

“I started with the free recipes, then not long after joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and started on the smoothies and all the other Healthy Mummy goodies!”

“The Healthy Mummy has helped me when my life was giving me a hard time. It reminded me that being happy and healthy is the best thing you can be.”

“After finding out my son has severe autism and processed packaged foods did not agree with him.”

This is when Ashley switched her whole family to The Healthy Mummy lifestyle. “I no longer buy sugary packaged snack foods for my kids, all we eat is goodness now and I have definitely seen a big difference in behaviour for my son since living a Healthy Mummy lifestyle!”

Ashley says she now also has a love for cooking and actually finds herself cooking for fun. “I have also been able to kick every bad habit to the point I haven’t had a coffee in over a week.”

Ashley says she has been able to curb her drinking habit as she has been drinking since she was 13.

“The Healthy Mummy has helped me so much and it has taught me how to love life again!”

Summer goals

Weight loss motivation summer

Ashley shares her three summer goals.

  1. Increase water intake. “3L of water intake every day, taking my Healthy Mummy drink bottle with me everywhere I go.”
  2. Tone UP! “I want to work on my muscle tone. Do at least one Healthy Mummy workout each morning and each night and keep active.” 
  3. Get outdoors. “Get outdoors and enjoy the warmer months with my kids.”

Favourite things about the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Ashley shares her three favourite things about The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

  1. Recipes. “So many delicious, healthy and easy recipes to choose from.”
  2. The workouts. “Having them all at a tap of my phone is so convenient and I can do them anytime, anywhere!”
  3. The support group. “This group has helped me so much to just be a better person within myself.”

Tips for staying on track

Ashley share her five tips for staying on track

  1. Meal prep.“Meal prep what you can, it doesn’t have to be a lot but just plan ahead to avoid giving in to convenient junk foods.”
  2. Water.“Make water your best friend, try to ditch all other sugary drink for water!”
  3. Exercise.“Keep active when you can! Get those endorphins pumping and it will instantly give your mood a boost and want to keep being a better version of yourself!”
  4. Choose healthy food over junk food.“Don’t buy any junk food for your household, you’ll just be setting yourself up for failure especially if you don’t have the willpower.” 
  5. Use the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe app.“Whenever you’re hungry, make a meal or snack from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app! Every recipe in the app is going to be fuelling your body and is designed to help you lose weight!”

Are you ready to kick-start your weight loss?


If you are interested in kickstarting your weight loss and want to improve your energy – not to mention – improve your overall health and wellbeing – our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is an awesome program to check out. 

Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge includes:

  • 28 days of at home exercise routines (no gym needed) – with video instruction
  • Customisable and breastfeeding friendly meal plans (including a 7 day cleanse)
  • Time-efficient exercises for busy mums – under 30 mins
  • Challenge combines Pilates exercises with interval and circuit training (HIIT)
  • Suitable for basic to advanced fitness levels
  • Home to thousands of EASY-TO-MAKE recipes!

To learn more about our 28 DAY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE CLICK HERE 

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