12 things NOT to say to a pregnant woman at a wedding!

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When you are pregnant, it seems your body becomes the subject of conversation for all of those around you!

But while in most situations you can nod and smile or, better yet, walk away, there are some occasions – such as weddings – where you’re ‘stuck’ with people and their unhelpful ‘words of wisdom’ for long periods of time.

Here are some cringe-worthy statements some pregnant women we know had to endure at a wedding or family event. 

Here’s what NOT to say to a woman who is expecting at one of these events.

beautiful pregnant bump

12 things NOT to say to a pregnant women at a wedding!

1. Wow, are you sure it’s not twins in there? I heard of a woman who was pregnant and there was a twin hiding behind the other…

Even though you’ve probably had all of your scans and know how many are babies you are carrying, people will STILL like to joke about you carrying more. Hilarious – not.

Not a medical professional? Then maybe don’t give your opinion unless it’s asked.

2. Calling an ambulance – you’re not going into labour are you?

No, I’m just checking my Snapchat story…

3. How many weeks to go? 8?! Wow, I thought you only a few days to go.

You’ll find that everyone you come into contact with has an opinion on the size of your bump – whether it is too big or too small. Not very helpful we know, especially if you are feeling sensitive about it.

4. Bet you REALLY wish you could be taking advantage of the free bar right now.

Thanks for reminding me of what I’m missing.

5. Are you sure you can eat the steak? Is it well done enough, maybe check with the waiter…

I’ve got this. I know what I can and can’t eat. Well, I’ve managed so far.

6. Don’t dance too much – in case your waters break.

You’re hilarious. When’s your DVD coming out?

pregnant -maternity leave

7. Has anyone told you what labour is like? It’s REALLY painful and unpleasant.

Really helpful advice, NOT. If I wasn’t looking forward to it before, then I’m DEFINITELY not now.

8. You must be the designated driver today – can I have a lift home?

Not if you keep making comments about me and my pregnancy!

9. The last trimester is REALLY hard. Those last few weeks are the worst. But it doesn’t get any easier.

Again, really helpful…

10. Did you struggle finding an outfit today? You figure never goes back to what it was before you know… You must be boiling in what you’re wearing.

I was going to wear my bikini as that’s the only thing that fits / I feel comfortable and cool in, but I didn’t want to upstage the bride.

11. When did you get married? *Pointing to bump* Was it a ‘shot gun’ wedding or a honeymoon baby?

If you want me to go into details about my sex life then pull up a chair and I’ll tell you, making sure you don’t want to ask me again…

12. Are you going to take two slices of cake? You know, now you’re eating for two.

No, but I may end up throwing a slice at you if you carry on!

The best thing you can say?

CONGRATULATIONS! You must be so excited. How wonderful! You look great. You’re doing a great job.

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